PrezVid does deal with

I’m proud to announce that we at PrezVid have done a deal with to contribute content to a new blog in their political section and to get promotion, traffic, and revenue in return. From their press release, issued today: ‘Politics’ Section Expands Campaign Coverage with More Video, Newsmakers, On-the-Scene Reporting

Partnership with Jeff Jarvis Yields Content on the YouTube 2008 Presidential Campaign . . .

In addition, is announcing a relationship with video weblog, the latest production from blogger and media critic Jeff Jarvis and partner Peter Hauck, to provide the site’s “Politics” section with its coverage of the campaign through the eyes of YouTube and internet video.

“PrezVid has the unique opportunity to chronicle how internet video transforms politics in America from the very first moment,” Jarvis said. “YouTube enables the candidates to talk to voters around the media at eye level, and it allows voters to talk back. One of the first initiatives we’ll be making with is to invite voters to ask questions and invite candidates to answer. We are also making our own Internet shows criticizing the candidates’ and voters’ videos and interviewing the players in this new world.”

Jarvis praised for inventing a new relationship with an independent news blog. “ saw us covering this arena and found a way to incorporate our content while helping to support the coverage. This is an important experiment, showing how a news organization can expand by building a broader network of coverage through independent blogs.”

That last point is the important one, as far as I’m concerned: a new model for big-small media relations.

So you’ll find PrezVid content at PrezVid and on the Post’s site and we will also be working on cooperative endeavors. PrezVid and IdolCritic are the first two productions of Exploding Video, a small-TV studio. More to follow.

Here is the full press release.