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I’m proud to announce that we at PrezVid have done a deal with to contribute content to a new blog in their political section and to get promotion, traffic, and revenue in return. From their press release, issued today: ‘Politics’ Section Expands Campaign Coverage with More Video, Newsmakers, On-the-Scene Reporting

Partnership with Jeff Jarvis Yields Content on the YouTube 2008 Presidential Campaign . . .

In addition, is announcing a relationship with video weblog, the latest production from blogger and media critic Jeff Jarvis and partner Peter Hauck, to provide the site’s “Politics” section with its coverage of the campaign through the eyes of YouTube and internet video.

“PrezVid has the unique opportunity to chronicle how internet video transforms politics in America from the very first moment,” Jarvis said. “YouTube enables the candidates to talk to voters around the media at eye level, and it allows voters to talk back. One of the first initiatives we’ll be making with is to invite voters to ask questions and invite candidates to answer. We are also making our own Internet shows criticizing the candidates’ and voters’ videos and interviewing the players in this new world.”

Jarvis praised for inventing a new relationship with an independent news blog. “ saw us covering this arena and found a way to incorporate our content while helping to support the coverage. This is an important experiment, showing how a news organization can expand by building a broader network of coverage through independent blogs.”

That last point is the important one, as far as I’m concerned: a new model for big-small media relations.

So you’ll find PrezVid content at PrezVid and on the Post’s site and we will also be working on cooperative endeavors. PrezVid and IdolCritic are the first two productions of Exploding Video, a small-TV studio. More to follow.

Here is the full press release.

  • ignoreland

    Too bad these here internets have easily searched archives, Jeff. Wonder what you’ll say today that will come back to bite you on the butt in, oh, four years

  • Kanenas

    Jarvis, May 01, 2003:

    But I have to say that Bush and his team executed this war brilliantly. I have no problem saying that this was a right war to fight for a right cause and they fought it well. So I was impressed with Bush’s speech tonight on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln (more impressed, by the way, than Glenn Reynolds, who’s not as far right as many think but who’s surely to the right of me).

    It was the speech of a leader. He did not gloat but he did show a firm and clear direction. There will be controversy over some things he said, of course. Yes, he all but linked Iraq to 9.11 but, you know, it’s not a far stretch in the minds of most Americans and for a reason: Looney fanatics from over there who hate us are birds of a feather. And there was a time in my life when I would have found the idea of smarter bombs to be distasteful, but now that I see the necessity of a war like this, even as I mourn the lives that are lost, I’m thankful for those that are not.

    I’m still a liberal. I’m still not a Bushy. But give the man his due: He won the war against Iraq; right won the war against wrong. Well done.

    Indeed… heh, heh…

  • Kanenas

    Jeb and I obviously had the same idea.

    Why hasn’t Jarvis withdrawn to a monastery? Why is he still employed? Why does anyone pay attention to him? Why is Krauthammer still around? How about Kristol? Why are these idiots still writing for supposedly reputable publications? Who was ever more wrong about something so important?

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  • Congratulations!

    Coverage of this post is the 1,000th post at Politics 2.0 (we try and choose wisely).

    I believe that more deals, strategic partnerships and leveraging of assets will take place across new media, and across media generally.

    In the age of Politics 2.0, empowerment and interactivity is not – perhaps – reserved only for the candidates and the techniques and tools they employ, but also for those that cover them as well! (and in all fields, really).

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  • Cool! Wish things were this kinda progressive down south.

  • congrats, Jeff. great news for a great effort.

  • Kanenas/Jay: Yes, of course, I cringed. But on the internet, one’s life is an open blog. I said it. It was full of shit. (I killed the duplicate post; thought it was posted by the same person but the embarrassing content was the same nonetheless.)

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  • Congrats Jeff. It’s great to see someone who is doing, not just talking.

    Karenas/Jay. Yes, Jeff was wrong in a big way on the war. That doesn’t devalue everything else he does. When it comes to thinking about media, Jeff has a good track record as far as I can see from following him for the last couple of years.

  • More important than the PrezVid deal is your ability to know when you were wrong about your past position. How refreshing! Maybe you could go into coaching and teach this skill to the self-proclaimed “Journalists.”

  • Pick up a book you read 10 years ago and you — like me and just about everyone else I know — would say, “That book really spoke to me in a completely different way than it did first time around!” Why? BECAUSE YOU’VE CHANGED AND GROWN.

    Always amazes me when people find positions or quotes from years previous that some politician made as though their opinions somehow couldn’t evolve and grow. Commentator Jeff Jarvis has certainly done so…if only you read him like I do.

  • Congratulations!! much deserved. What’s very exciting here is that, I believe, we’re going to begin to see growth in these types of relationships. While you and I may not see eye to eye on 100% of the discussion, I certainly look to you for cues on navigating this complex and dynamic space. is doing some very cool stuff and they’re lucky to have you. I’ve been telling Mark Lukasiewicz (NBC News VP Digital Media) and anyone else who’ll listen, that the network should reevaluate the definition of the “affiliate” in the digital age. Who is a network affiliate? Does it have to be a tower/transmitter, or can it be a trusted content creator. Jeff, I think you’ve begun to answer some of these questions.

    I don’t believe in all of the zero sum postions on traditional media, but do believe it makes a great deal of sense to create relationships like this.