Bye-bye classifieds

About a week ago, Facebook made noises about launching classifieds and now MySpace has made a deal to take on job ads. This is the next stage of the classified meltdown. Stage 1: They move from newspapers to new services, like Craigslist and Monster, online. Stage 2: They move into communities like Facebook and Myspace. Phase 3, yet to come: They are distributed, no longer in a centralized marketplace, and technology brings them together.

  • Phase three, they are a “smart widgets” – displayed on your web 2.0 page, your blog, or in your email based on what the Widget knows about you – and what it knows you want.


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  • jeff mignon

    My Space is having a deal with Simply Hired. And, somewhere it is king of step 3 because Simply Hired is an aggregator of job listings. In our web based news aggregator — — we are also aggregating RSS with classifieds. A widget is soon to come.

  • after decentralization, a re-centralizer will be needed to pull classifieds back together again to get a critical mass of audience. and, it will have to be simple enough for _everyone_ to use. these sites are appearing already, such as which combs multiple sites for relevant job ads and aggregates them for users based on search. there’s an opportunity in every change.

  • Jason Kramer

    Phase 3: ???
    Phase 4: Profit!

  • I think you’re onto something here Jeff :-)

    Keith Teare

  • I think comes close to what you are talking about. Indeed’s proprietary aggregation technology brings together millions of jobs from thousands of unique sources – job boards, newspaper classifieds, company websites, blogs & associations – and makes them searchable in one place; hence our byline: one search. all jobs.

    But we also redistribute those job results to hundreds of publisher sites using our Jobroll and XML API. The Indeed Jobroll allows you to display jobs on your website or blog that are both fresh & relevant to your audience – and you earn money from the program. More details are here:

    CEO, Indeed

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  • I think we really need more real content classified sites, not just aggregators. I am not against aggregators though. Search engine gaint Google or M$ or Yahoo may come up with a classified search/aggregation system soon – beware!

    Btw, here is a new classified content site I started:

    I know that this is not yet perfect and I am still working on it.

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