NBC’s shame, continued

The Democratic debate on MSNBC is like a game of Pong: 60 seconds “answers,” bang, bang, bang. I’m a fast talker and this is exhausting me. I tried to watch the thing on MSNBC.com but instead got stories about Hugh Grant throwing baked beans and an two Indian chickens with seven feet plus about six commercials. They have links to the debate online, but no debate. Apparently, NBC doesn’t think the internet and its millions matter.

: I got email from an NBCU vice-president, who refused to go on the record, I don’t know why. So I can’t tell you what he said. But I’ll tell you what I said back:

Well, why don’t you break that chain?
I am trying very hard to watch it online now and I’ll be damned if I can find the way. You want to send me the link?
And this is not just about watching. It is about remixing, commenting. What makes NBC think it can own this debate? That is offensive hubris. It is downright undemocratic, unAmerican. You want to mean what you say? Then open up the debates for us all to use. Now.
If it’s so “regrettable,” then change it. You can. Do it. Get on the phone with Capus and I’ll announce it and praise you for the move.
My comments are on the record.

It’s painfully clear that NBC doesn’t understand the internet and its role in in.

: I see in the comments that some can watch the debate on the internet. I have reinstalled every bit of software and can’t. They are making it damned difficult.

: The Washington Post has been liveblogging the debate at The Fix.

: AFTERWARDS: It all went by so fast, what I most want is the opportunity to watch the bits that went by in 60-second flashes with commentary from the people. That is why I want this on the internet with many perspectives.

: HERE’S what I wish NBC would have done with the debate online:

* Make every 60-second answer a separate video so we can watch and actually absorb them.

* Put everything up on YouTube so we can embed them in our blogs with our commentary.

* Enable us to download and remix the questions and answers so we can compare and contrast them.

* Create a page that has all the questions and answers organized so we can see what every candidate, Democratic and Republican, has to say.