PrezVid Show: Advice for Edwards

In response to his YouTube spotlight video, I have an entirely frivolous yet still sincere suggestion for Sen. John Edwards that can change his image and the tone of the entire YouTube discussion.

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  • Paul Neely

    This is Jeff Jarvis’s confirming statement that politics is about image, not substance.

    Is that something to be proud of? Is it something for which you, Jeff, would like to be considered a leading practictioner? Is that what the glories of new media are about — hair? Would you like to look back 15 years from now and point to this as your contribution to civic engagement at this point in the nation’s history?

    if you are the facilitator of the serious discussion, do you want to spend your time messing up your hair?

  • Lighten up, Paul. That’s an order.

    John Edwards has a sense of humor about this. Follow his example.

  • Are you saying Edwards uses too many hair products?! Gawd that IS a mighty fine head of hair though. My mom literally snorts any time Edwards’ name comes up and snaps, “Pretty boy.”

  • Duh… I’m a little behind the YouTube curve here… just watched the “Feeling Pretty” vid. Funny!

  • Paul Neely

    It’s nice to own the website. Then, one can begin the response with “Listen up, Paul. That’s an order.” If there is a more condescending response, it is hard to imagine. Condescension is not the height of civic discourse among peers. It is, in fact, a cute way of avoiding the substance of a response; Is this what a serious, engaged person wishes to put forward as the best of substantive discussion? I agree that Sen. Edwards’ response was the mark of a gracious, witty and with-it man — the best one in his position could do on this issue. He might respond to Rush Limbaugh the same way. Is that really the measuring stick for you, Mr. Jarvis? If so, is the polity-on-the-web anything more than one big bar talk?

  • Paul, I guess I didn’t make it clear enough:
    IT’S A JOKE!

  • I got the joke, mainly because humor is truth. Paul, this site has always been a complex weaving of things humorous, serious, substantive and light-hearted. This point I found missing from your argument — much to its detriment. To use the superlative “best” to characterize Edwards’ response is expecting too little of candidates who should at least have the sense to benefit from the opportunities of online video.