RTNDA: the vlog talk

I’ve edited three discussions from a panel at the Radio Television News Directors Association: Zadi Diaz of JetSet explains small TV to big TV. Michael Rosenblum explains big TV to big TV. And the entire panel — also including Elizabeth Osder, Amanda Congdon, and Terry Heaton — say what they would do with a TV station today. Seven minutes of the good bits from an hour-and-a-half panel.

: At today’s panel on the election, in which I took part, a TV station manager got up at the end and gave the old anti-blog screed: He wondered whether he’d come to the National Association of Bloggers. He said that the public likes TV because they like “quality people.” I kept demanding that he define “quality people.” Arrrgggh. But apart from that, a fun panel with Chris Matthews, Joe Trippi, Steve Capus of NBC News, Hugh Hewitt, Angie Kucharski of WBZ, and Michael Turk. Hugh kept telling the TV folks that they should be doing bigger reporting projects with us, the people; I think some listened but that one guy certainly didn’t. Favorite line: Trippi explained that people have less faith not just in media but in other institutions and that the internet enables the authority of the peer.