Question Time for the rest of us

Meanwhile, in the U.K., Tony Blair has finally had to join David Cameron online with a Labour YouTube channel of his very own. (See the Guardian’s review; see also my report from London on WebCameron). Here’s Blair’s welcoming message. And here, looking particularly uncomfortable, he invites questions, some of which he says he’ll answer some on April 23 with John O’Farrell joining him on the small screen:

So, UK readers, what are your questions for Blair? As of this writing, there is not a single video question up on YouTube. But there is this text comment:

You aren’t looking at the camera Mr Blair. LOL. If the Iraq war had never happened you would have gone down as one of the best prime ministers this country ever had. I follow politics closely and I mean that. Unfortunately the Iraq war is what you will be remembered for.

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