The natives are restless

The Guardian just appointed a head of communities, Meg Pickard, who came from AOL’s social media. Here’s what I like best about the announcement: She’s trained as an anthropologist studying online communities. Our Margaret Mead.

  • Unfortunately, the ‘appointed’ link takes me to the Guardian’s SUBSCRIBE page. Possible a synopsis might be in order?

  • That’s pretty much the synopsis, but here’s the rest of the text:

    “Meg Pickard has been appointed as the Guardian website’s head of communities and user experience.

    Ms Pickard was formerly the consumer experience lead for social media at AOL Europe.

    She will now head community management and engagement strategy for Guardian Unlimited and will take up the newly created post at the end of April 2007.

    “Meg has a tremendous reputation in the industry and a great grasp of the issues around building and maintaining online communities,” said Emily Bell, the director of digital content at Guardian News & Media.

    “Her appointment confirms that user experience will be a top priority for Guardian Unlimited this year.”

    Ms Pickard joined AOL’s editorial team in 1998 after training as an anthropologist and studying online communities.”

  • I decided to register there anyway. Can’t have too many British news sources…

  • Steven Chiu

    Jeff – I think you’re slightly misleading here. To quote the story: “Ms Pickard joined AOL’s editorial team in 1998 after training as an anthropologist and studying online communities.” You had me scouring the web for an online community distance-learning advanced degree in social networking. Although, it would not be surprising to see some schools offer an anthropology degree with a specialisation in online communities in the future.

  • So, since April what happened?

    The Reader’s Editor mentions the Head of Communities.,,2110427,00.html

    But is there any way to reach the Head of Communities directly?

    All they do on Guardian Talk is to delete a topic.

    They don’t reply or add anything. Even on issues that relate directly.

    In the media bit I have done a few posts on PDF and the Guardian. And about OhmyNews. A number of statements in the Guardian about cittizen journalism have been misleading.

    Maybe something from Guardian staff will turn up on Talk. But more likely they will save their copy for comment is free where they rarely respond to comments.

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