The new couch

Maura Welch, Boston Globe business blogger, says about Idol Critic:

Jeff Jarvis and Peter Hauck have launched Idol Critic, a blog that “gives you the water-cooler buzz about America’s favorite show.” I like the host Liza Persky. Great example of how social media is changing TV and how TV and your computer are mashing up.

Here are other examples from my life where my computer deploys to the living room:

* I often watch 24 at the same time I read live updates to Dave Barry’s blog. The show is much improved that way.
* Since I usually watch 24, I catch up on Heroes (which airs at the same time) by watching it when I have time on my laptop. If I watch Heroes on TV, then I catch up on 24 on my laptop.

Right. And you don’t just watch. You gab about it. You share, recommend, review. That is the real concept behind Idol Critic.

If I started Entertainment Weekly today, it would have lots of Idol Critics from lots of people all around what we used to call the audience.

: LATER: Wow. Frank Barnako at Marketwatch has nice things to say about the endeavor.