Virtual me

I’m learning that making videos is a great way to get virtual attention. My video post for Comment is Free was shown at yesterday’s Guardian and my McCain PrezVid show on today’s presentation (see the post below). Gee, maybe I can stop going to conferences and attend virtually. But then, I wouldn’t have heard the laughs I got today. Gotta have an audience, eh?

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  • Dr Sohan Choudhary

    Its great Professor! keep it up!
    With regards.
    Dr Sohan choudhary,
    Assistant Professor,
    University of Delhi

  • Its funny you should mention that. i just screened your PrezVid at Business Week to show them how to get quick personal comments online. they loved it.

  • When you really think about it, conferences only are needed for the socialization. I was as Inland Press Association and didn’t hear anything new from the podium that I didn’t know from reading trades online, forums and blogs. See
    After a two hour basic lecture with six questions in ten minutes at the end it’s hard to get a dialogue going.