PrezVid show: Advice for Obama

Some simple PrezVid advice for Barack Obama: Say something. (Crossposted PrezVid.)

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  • Oliver

    Hey Jeff, where are you filming from, and why does the same picture appear twice over your right shoulder?

  • syd

    well said Jeff, bang on. and we all must ask……WHERE’S THE BEEF?

  • Ayal Rosenthal

    Obama is definitely preaching the choir, but he’s doing a good job converting too. One of Obama’s qualities is that it doesn’t seem as though he’s ever failed, but his ideas don’t have a chance to fail if he doesn’t put them out there. Once he’s built his “flock”, he’ll hopefully put out some good ideas for getting the country on the right track. He can even borrow them from Hillary.

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  • Bruce Moscovitch

    I want Barack Obama to be the next President of the U.S., but image is so important, and he’s ruining his image wearing an open collared white shirt as his signature shirt-look. He looks 100% better in any dark colored open collared shirt. Dark shirts make him look more substantial, more grounded, more appealing to a traditional white, middle class audience. The white open collared look makes him look underpriviledged, humble, but not a leader of this great nation…he also looks like a kind of kook or black panther in that white dress shirt; white is o.k., but not great with a tie and jacket…but a dark color would be outstanding! This may seem trivial, but poeple make the rashest judgements for the silliest reasons. So, please forward this to Mr. Obama===lose the white open collared look and win the election!

  • bangkok beel

    Barrack Obama shows substance but lacks what I consider a positive stance on stopping illegal Immigration and stands against the second amendment giving rights to own and bear arms!
    McCain only stands for one of these requirements and I’ll be forced to vote in his direction unless Obama does an about face and soon!
    Bangkok beel

  • … in the light of recent events, there is no consequence of turning a blind eye to what senator Obama has to say on the events depicted in this campaign. Although no freedom can be justified …