Supporting journalism

My CUNY colleague Sandeep Junnarkar — who makes magnificent multimedia journalism at Lives in Focus, where he last reported on AIDS in India — is embarking on his next project: the impact on families when one of your own is behind bars. He’s already getting amazing reporting. But to realize his full ambition, he needs to raise money to loan video cameras to the families so they can document their experiences. It’s easy to contribute through Have Money Will Vlog, which enables networked journalism by helping you to support these projects. I just gave. Won’t you?

  • as a HMWV volunteer, thanks for the link.
    it’s pretty exciting to think that we can fund our own investigative journalism.
    and really….it may soon be the only way to get investigative journalism done.

  • Thanks for chiming in on this important, ongoing project, Jeff.

  • Like Jay above, I’m also a “Have Money Will Vlog” volunteer advocate who has helped a project of independent vision and social concern through the fundraising process we’ve set up. These are exciting projects and the people behind them are interested in contributing something to the world other than more video of goofy skate stunts (much as I and everyone I know love those…). Sandeep’s project plans to explore a current of society that is often overlooked. Thanks for blogging it here!