PrezVid: Some video advice for McCain

Here’s a video I just put up on PrezVid, a new show and blog covering the presidential election through the eyes of YouTube (more on that later):

The latest PrezVid show offers advice for John McCain, who unveiled his new web site this weekend with new videos.

McCain’s videos may be ready for prime time, but not for YouTube. He doesn’t speak directly to those of us who are clicking; he speaks off-camera, as if this were an interview, or he speaks through music and polished production, as if this the video were intended for the giant screens at a nominating convention. He doesn’t yet understand that this is a conversation, one-on-one. He appears on an antiseptic, white background, nothing like the homey atmospherics of other candidates’ videos; it’s as if he’s trying out for Star Wars, not the White House.

But McCain has one good idea: He solicits questions for his virtual town hall via YouTube. This means that — unlike in Hillary Clinton’s tete-a-tetes — we will get to see which questions he has the guts to answer and which not. I wonder whether they realized that.

: Since one of you asked in the comments, the embed code for the video is here (under “share”).

And, damn, I wish I’d thought of Tim Shey’s line from the comments:

At one point, it looked like he was about to say, “and I’m a PC.”

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  • Angelos

    My advice to McCain? Just quit now. I’m not sure if you have any integrity or dignity left, but on the off chance you do, just quit and try to save it.

  • Angelos

    Argh, hit post by accident.

    McCain has managed to support every side of every every position depending on what channel he was on, sometimes in the same weekend of talking head shows.

    He’s lying scum. I know, I know, shocking that a Republican candidate would show such disdain for honesty.

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  • Tim

    This is great. Love the way you cut in the McCain ads. At one point, it looked like he was about to say, “and I’m a PC.”

  • Nice video. Can you link up or include the embed code somewhere though?

  • Loved this Jeff. Second Todd’s suggestion about embedding code.

  • Great advice, I hope he listens to you. I hope he answers questions on YouTube. I’m glad I watched this.

  • bill

    i disagree a little. the “youtube style” is such because early adapters tend not to place much value on video production. as television and the internet merge viewers will start to expect higher quality videos to hold their interest. the “folksy conversation” is just a style now, you can ape it but i don’t think a politician any more sincere- in fact i’m sure just as much grooming, production, and money went into those other ads. if anything i can appreciate the mccain ad for at least trying to be a little artistic.
    that said, i’m sure mccain wasn’t trying to push the envelope of internet video, he wants to connect to the viewers now- so in that he failed.
    so what’s my point? i tend not to go to my politico gurus for points on style and design.

  • Jeff,

    The snark at the end was a low blow. IIRC, Senator McCain’s posture is at least partially related to time spent in North Vietnamese prisons. In fact, Vanity Fair covered some of the residual effects in their February issue? There are many specifics about his injuries, but this quote in particular (aout half way down the page) is most telling.

    Because his broken arms were allowed to heal without ever being properly set, to this day McCain cannot raise his arms above his shoulders. He cannot attend to his own hair. An aide is often nearby with a comb and small can of hair spray.

    Now, I’m not sure if that effects the way he holds them when at rest, but it would be best to assume so until proven otherwise. The opening parts of your diatribe are semi-useful if even somewhat funny; however the crack about his posture comes across as a bit like the schoolyard bully beating up on the wheelchair kid.

    Consider this a little unsolicited advice and all a part of the conversation ;-)