The resignations of the lightning-rod bloggers hired by Edwards’ campaign is not a good sign for bloggers or for conversation. Now every blogger hired by every campaign — in any position — will have their writing scanned for anything that could offend anyone. Tapioca time.

  • I call it the no pants effect.

    The first time someone walks in to the room, they don’t realize they are going to be stripped down soon enough as well.

  • I don’t think it’s about offending. They were just foul-mouthed broads and should have been vetted. Not necessarily for views but polite discourse, something more in line with the candidate.

  • Jeff has a point. Has anyone made a big fuss about staffers’ published writings offline? Not that I’ve heard about. The fact that writings not done as a part of a campaign are suddenly a huge issue indicates to me that blogging is as much the hate object as the offending material. I posted a hilarious picture, painted by Georgia O’Keefe in a randy mood, for Valentine’s Day yesterday at my personal blog. If some one wanted to make a fuss over it as inappropriate to my job, it would be possible. But what I do at my blog is not related to what I say on behalf of the business I work for.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Sorry, Jeff, I disagree.
    These dames were a LOUSY choice. Whoever recommended them deserves a bus ticket to the unemployment line.
    Ugly, bigoted hate has it’s place, I guess, but don’t start rending your clothes because it cost somebody a job that they weren’t qualified for in the first place.

  • Makes me wonder what NPR will look for, or not, when “scouting” for that online talent you mention above. I get the funny feeling though that I don’t need to hang out here by the Vonage waiting for Mr. Klose’s call.

  • Edwards’ supporter sets up shop in Second Life

  • If there were a real and balanced attempt to show who has done what, as been the standard GOP slime machine, most of congress much less their staffers would be out of a job. And that would be even if they only accounted for what was actually true, as opposed to the fakery of the likes of the Pelosi private plane dust up.

    Eventually the slime machine will drown in it’s own excesses and folk will quit paying any attention even when they should be doing so. Already my first thought on hearing any such case if a Democrat is involved is to suspect Republican foul play, and if the party is not noted to suspect it is real and a Republican.

  • kat

    Are you calling the blogs of these two potty mouthed brats, slime machines? I agree with you. Edwards had to be drunk or high when he hired them in the first place. They did him a HUGE favor by resigning.

  • Greg0658

    The information age is ushering in a starve out the riff raff.

    Hire birdz of a feather.

    Medical misfits be gone.

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