Iran? Iraq? Mitt muffs it

I couldn’t believe my ears, so I listened again and again to Mitt Romney’s speech entering the presidential race. He muffed it. He said Iran when — we hope — he meant Iraq. Listen yourself:

Well, let’s hope he knows how to pronounce “nuclear.”

  • kat

    That is not as great a blooper as Obama describing as ‘wasted’ the lives of US soldiers who paid the ultimate price.

  • duneview

    Nice catch, Jeff.

    To tell the truth I was going to go to Romney’s site to see his positions on some of the issues that will effect me and my neighbors, you know stuff like the war, international relations, taxes, health care, education — but now that I know he misspoke in that speech and brain-farted “Iran” for “Iraq” — well, forget it. He’s through.

    The PrezVid series is already paying off dividends!

  • Hasan Jafri


    I tried blogging your post on TechPresident, the Open Democracy Forum blog purportedly tracking the presidential race for techies. I like their site. They had an earlier post wondering what happened to the Romney video as it had first disappeared from Romney’s campaign channel, MittTV, and then reappeared in edited form.

    When I blogged your post to their site, saying the full, muffed version was available at Buzzmachine, my post went live for exactly five minutes and then disappeared. It disappeared from the site’s front page, and from MY blog page on TechPresident.

    Censorship? Bad software?

  • Hasan Jafri


    The plot thickens into an instructive tale. Micah Sifry, TechPresident’s editor has e-mailed me and suggests I e-mail him “the substance” of your Romney video/story! I guess Romney flubbing and Buzzmachine noticing it doesn’t qualify as news.

    He says he took down the video because “we’re not an open site.”

    Saying they’re not “open” seems disingenuous since TechPresident features a blogging function, complete with an editing tool to introduce and package stories. When I blogged this link, it showed up automatically, only to be taken down within minutes by little green men with a soft spot for the Romney campaign .

    I’m all for citizen journalism but after this experience wonder if there needs to be a ranking, especially as the elections come up, of sites that actually promote openness and portals owned by political interests who’re on the bandwagon because participatory media is cool.

  • In this day and age of 24/7 video surveillance, I guess no one is allowed to make a verbal mistake. Give ’em all a break. Blog posts like this make respectable bloggers look a little silly.