Video of video on video

Here’s my interview on CNN about the YouTube campaign.

  • Right on!

  • Hasan Jafri

    Far out ;-)

  • Hi Jeff
    When I try and download I get a filke extention flv an unknow file. What am I doing wrong?
    See you later this week’

  • rob,
    dunno. it’s streaming for me in firefox. will put it up on youtube later. j

  • Great clip – I admire you for being able to get your points across eloquently even in 15 seconds bites!

  • Mark

    Rob, I get the same thing if I click the link in my RSS reader.
    I I go to the blog, it works OK.

  • JamesBruni

    Great interview, Jeff. Every leading political consultant in the country should be bending your ear by now.

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  • Jonathan Moore

    Excellent interview and analysis on internet videos and its impact on the upcoming election cycle. I believe you should visit and look what this conservative group is trying to do to respond to the attack videos and liberal dominance in the online video media.