Sour apples

In the Guardian, Charlie Brooker says he hates Macs:

I hate Macs. I have always hated Macs. I hate people who use Macs. I even hate people who don’t use Macs but sometimes wish they did. Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults; computers for scaredy cats too nervous to learn how proper computers work; computers for people who earnestly believe in feng shui.

If the newspaper were a blog, that would be the most blatant case of link-whoring I’ve ever seen. Have at ‘im.

  • sounds like someone from his rag’s layout squad needs to cram a Quark CD in that yobbo’s keister.

  • I’m one of those people who has been using PCs (before Windows) and Windows ever since 3.1. About a month ago I got a MacBook Pro. I want to transition to using it as my only computer. The transition is not going quickly because I still have to get work done, of course, and there is a fair bit of re-learning.

    Why am I doing this? Because Vista is the final straw for me. I want out. I want out of crashing, freezing, viruses, spyware, bloatware, DLLs, INIs and the whole mess that is Windows.

    Charlie Brooker is displaying his ignorance when he tries to portray Windows as a “real man’s computer,” or “a thinking person’s computer,” or whatever he’s trying to say.

    That role today is held firmly by Linux.

    If he is not using Linux, then he’s got an Erector set (kids: Imagine Legos made out of metal!) — but it’s still a toy. The only question is, Do you want a fun toy? Or a toy that makes you work extra hard?

  • Near the end of the linked article is the real prize. It appears the lament is on the unfulfilled promise of personal computing whether MAC or PC. For it is far easier to market the taking of pictures on a cellphone than to unleash the power of electronic technology. Bill Gates’ financial success proves we are a planet of sheep. Buy into the fantasy. Accept the consequences. Is is more like sweet grapes.

  • What a strong, manly-man that Booker dude is. I ask Jesus nightly to forgive my many Mac-envy sins. Hasn’t worked yet.

  • Sue


  • Watch an episode of Peep Show on BBC America and then you’ll understand what he’s saying. The ad campaign Apple is currently running in the UK self-destructs because the Mac guy is a well-known (to UK audiences) character defined by his general uselessness.

  • I think you’ll find a better debate going on at The Guardian website. I think you also miss the point with Charlie – he’s a very good writer, para-comic, outrager and superb wanker-detecter. His job is to knock down all the Aunt Sallys and show up the knob-heads. Question: Why have all the MAC evangelists I have ever met always, always wear black?

  • BK

    I don’t wear black. Not always, anyway.

  • Garbanzo

    Writing an anti-Mac screed is a sure way to build massive site traffic — all the Apple cultists come out of the woodwork spouting the traditional mantras. So tiresome, only a computer, who cares? But you have to admire Apple’s marketing to con people into associating their sense of self with a glorified adding machine — they’ve succeeded far better than Porsche dominating the demo of men going through midlife crises and having small genitalia.

  • Heydedata

    Wow – his critique of mac is the dumbest thing i’ve seen. the way i would describe it is this – if you are going to drive a car, would you drive a car without rear defrost, electric windows, heat that actually works and a bunch of other stuff – just so you can save a couple hundred bucks?

    I think not. I save probably a half hour per day using a mac, and even if your average person only saves 10 minutes per day, that’s over 60 hours a year. And the regular time you spend is more enjoyable. Doesn’t even compare.

    I don’t have stats but I would guess that people these days use their computers as much as cars, so why will they spend an extra few thousand (easily the cost) to upgrade from a crappy car to a quality car, but won’t do the same on something they use as much. And in many ways, since so many people us their computers for resumes, finances, letters, investing, news and connecting with friends – their computer is probably more integral to their actual happiness than their car.

    I think of my poor Mom and the heartbreak she goes through using her PC – it’s sad. Then she goes out and gets in her $18,000 car. And then you read this joker here putting out some stupid ideas about macs and it’s even sadder because he’s helping to cause the turmoil my mom and others experience.

  • The Mac has become part of identity politics – on one side anyway.

  • Oh FFS. None of you has bothered to read the piece, have you? It’s got irony written all over it, and (as Jeff says) linkbait. The self-parody is in there at the end in “This week Charlie listened to…” (you’ll have to go there).

    Honestly, much though I’m delighted that our paper is getting all this attention, one could wish the general public might have brought the same analytical power to bear on something like Iraq.

    Actually, cancel that. Judging by the comments, that’s *exactly* how much analytical power people brought to bear. Scary.

  • JonK

    Note to Charlie: You must try to remember that irony is a very British humour and fails to translate well. A quick survey of the uproar about your article reveals that 90% of the respondents are from the USA – a notoriously irony free zone. I am disappointed to find that Mac users in general are not more intelligent. I’d always assumed they were. Oh well, one of the side effects of increased market share I suppose.

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  • Druaga

    Like some others have said, posting somthing that is anti mac is just to get attention. Beside that, have YOU ever used mac? The latest ones? Do you have any true knowledge about Macs to say these things? or are you just bashing Apple because you prefer Microsoft or some other OS? You give no other statements of how Apple computers function compared to your OS that is somehow inferior. You used the word hate like 4 times. I think you need more knoledge before you make a decision on your computer preference.