Arianna’s invitation to Davos

Last night, I taped Arianna Huffington inviting people to send video questions and discussion to Davos:

  • Dear Ms. Huffington: I once “borrowed” a mink from the attic of an (aging) great aunty from Birmingham. It’s lovely, mid-length white with an ivory lining. Do you think it would be too “retro” though to wear for apres-ski there? (The pockets are deep and can hold tons of today’s modern, tiny gear, so it’s got that going for it!)
    Ms. Ashley-Wilkes

  • Same question, this time on video:

  • Kudos to this superb coverage! I no longer feel like a total Davos outsider though it’s remarkable how few comments are here.

    Kudos to Ms. Huffington for the invitation to ask stuff.

    My question to Mr. Wolfowitz and Mr. Gates:

    We keep learning that the cost to effectively eliminate all major global problems is substantially less than military budgets. As business people we know the ROI of infrastructure improvements is vastly greater than military spending ROI.

    How can we refocus Government spending accordingly – ie spend on health, poverty, water, and infrastructure improvements instead of military?