Davos07: Bloggers’ nightcap

Last night, Davos played host to a nightcap (that’s what they call drinking here) for bloggers. Here are some clips of Claudia Gonzales of the World Economic Forum and Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post talking. Note that the video is awful; the only way I got light was by having them hold up a candle (insert ironic note here). I’m sparing you my comments; I thanked particularly Daylife for producing the Davos Conversation and they got a big hand.

  • Will Pollard

    Jeff, at least the sound is very good, that is half the battle.

    I have done a story for OhmyNews as I often do as my blogging efforts remain obscure.


    I include some text from a comment on your post about ‘anti-Americanism’ after the We Media event last year.

    hope you have time to look at this



  • Carson Bennett

    The sound is great and this new connectivity with what is going on there is a huge step — unimaginable as recently as three years ago. The only disappointment in this bit is that all the way from Davos, by candlelight, do we get a local? A new player? An international? No … we get Arianna! She’s on talk shows, her own site, the news, news about the news … What is her secret that keeps her so constantly in the public eye?

    Great work, though — it’s a treat.

  • Ah, Ariana by candlelight. That’s what vlogging is all about. :-)

  • Ms. B

    Sir Jarvis,

    We need an “Arianna air-kiss counter” at bottom right corner for all future video-posts.

    My bet? 32 by confab’s end.

    The stateside pouty-pucker-posse is counting on you for confirming evidence.


  • Rowland Scherman

    “Today Davos, tomorrow the Bohemian (WHAT)?”

  • Candlelight! I love the contrast of high tech, low tech at the brilliancy bash. Good work and thanks for blogging some of the sessions, Jeff!

  • Ms. B

    To Rowland,

    She said “Bohemian Grove.” It’s like summer camp for the Iluminati held each year near San Francisco [ergo Arianna’s reference to Hank Kissinger naked] ; see Jon Ronson’s book “THEM” for a great description.

  • Smitch

    Bohemian Grove?

    Alex Jones just sprang some wood.