Hillary on video, Brownback in the pulpit

Hillary Clinton is the latest presidential candidate to announce her campaign in a web video. She’s sitting on a couch in a room that feels like the Oval Office, casual yet forceful. Among the buttons she pushes: “how to bring the right end to the war in Iraq,” the deficit (a good Clinton association), health care for all. I’ve been a fan of hers, so I’m glad she’s in.

And they’re doing something new and neat next week: live video chat. I have no idea exactly how that will work but the smart candidates are trying to capture the online video campaign trail; I’ll blog soon about how the rest are doing it.

Foolishly, though, the Clinton campaign doesn’t make her video available as an embeddable player, nor can I find it on YouTube. Somebody better give her advice about how to play in the open video world. They did make it available for download, so it will surely show up on YouTube shortly.

Note how it’s oddly shot: The camera slowly pans while she just sits and talks; they Ken-Burnsed her video. Makes me a little seasick; looks like slo-mo flip-flopping.

: At the same time, from stage far-right, Sen. Sam Brownback, enemy of the First Amendment, announces his campaign in a video on his site. He pushes every God-fearing button he can push in three minutes, many of them repeated on his homepage (my italics):

I have decided, after much prayerful consideration, to consider a bid for the Republican nomination for the presidency.

I am running to spread hope and ideas. We are a blessed nation at an important crossroads. War, corruption, disintegrating families, and for some, hopelessness, tear at the American Dream. We need hope and ideas.

I am running for America…to be of service in a crucial time of trial.

Ours is an exceptional nation. A nation between two oceans made up of people from every nation on earth. A great nation united by our ideals. But we are a great nation because of our goodness. If we ever lose our goodness, we will surely lose our greatness.

We believe in a culture of life–that every human life is a beautiful, sacred, unique child of a loving God.

We believe in justice for all–at all times.

We believe in liberty.

But the central institutions that best transmit these values–the family and the culture–are under withering attack.

We must renew our families and rebuild our culture!

We need to revitalize marriage, support the formation of families, and encourage a culture of commitment.

We need a culture that encourages what is right and discourages what is wrong–and has the wisdom to understand the difference. . . .

I ask mostly for your prayers. Pray for America, that our division as a people might end and that our land be healed.

Thank you for your interest and support. Thank you for your prayers. Please join our campaign of national renewal and hope for the future!

God Bless you, and God Bless this nation we love so dearly….

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  • “The camera slowly pans while she just sits and talks; they Ken-Burnsed her video. Makes me a little seasick; looks like slo-mo flip-flopping.”

    this may be insurance against opponents selectively editing the video, as the sudden jumps would be noticable.

  • But does any of this make the slightest difference to the political process. I seriously doubt it.

  • I recorded Hillary’s announcement and put it up on YouTube: here it is.

  • Wait, they did make it available for download? And I actually took the effort to record it with a screencasting program, heh….

  • What exactly has Hillary done since she got in the Senate?

    This is a serious question, maybe one of her fans can give a synopsis.

  • CaptiousNut:

    I’m sure you’re not really interested in an answer, but I’ll take the bait anyway. First, until now Clinton has been a junior senator in the minority party. No legislation proposed by Democrats got any hearing until this month. The rules were changed in both the house and senate so that legislation not sponsored by the Republican leadership didn’t even get hearings let alone be brought to a vote on the floor.

    Despite this Clinton has been doing things on the local level, especially in upstate NY. This region has been losing population and heavy industry for decades and she has been spending a lot of time meeting with local leaders and working on plans to improve condition in the region. The new governor, Spitzer, has promised to focus on these issues as well, but since this a long standing issue for the entire rust belt progress will be slow.

    I’m sure if you go to her senate web site and/or do a search for news items about her work as a senator you can find more information, but then that would spoil your fun wouldn’t it?

    Snide remarks are so much more gratifying than dealing with reality.

  • Feinman,

    Why such a snide response?

  • The “exceptional” country claim is perhaps the most subtly dangerous of Brownback’s statements. Most people living in Ohio, say, realize that it’d be hard for Ohio to be a great place to live if the rest of the country is not – all of us are simply too connected for any one state to be truly “exceptional.” What voters now need to realize is that the same is true of the US in this world of globalization. If voters really believe that we’re exceptional, we’re in trouble. All the really interesting and important problems – from climate change to terrorism to employment, etc. – defy national boundaries. We’re less and less likely to be the exception to much of anything going on globally.

  • L’isle de Moreau

    But who determines which global culture? Substitute a mulah for Brownback and who would sneer? You might get van goghed. Attack a victim group and you are a racist. Who gets to be the UN? Ted Turner? Les gauche caviars promise equality but where do they live-a les plus blanc neighborhoods they can afford.