The video campaign

So now Barack Obama has used the people’s video to announce his presidential run and get out his own soundbites.

He’s “struck by how hungry we all are for a different kind of politics” and wants to “advance the cause of change and progress that we so desperately need.” It’s the generic change message that Edwards gave in his videos, too. What I’m hungering for already is specifics.

Obama’s charm is made for the small screen: See his appearance on Conan O’Brien. Just one tip: Get a Teleprompter so you’re not always looking to your left.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    “A different kind of politics” That means “don’t criticize me, or I’ll say you’re being mean or subtly hint at racism.
    “Change and progress” That means that while the world is being eaten by radical Islam, we’re going to focus on making sure that poor obese kids are getting free breakfast and lunch at school.

    If America elects this “accidental Senator” whose only real attribute is that he comes across good on the box, we are more media whipped than I thought.
    We are not choosing a new American Idol or casting a new TV show on the FX channel.
    The Obama fever is largely a creation of the MSM. Don’t swallow the Kool-Ade.

  • Get a Teleprompter so you’re not always looking to your left.

    A lot of times, that’s the fault of the producers rather than the interviewee. I’ve been told to look at a specific point when talking and then see that I was shot from a very odd angle when the interview airs. They don’t want people looking into the camera most of the time but, really, that would be a more flattering view.

  • I think people are getting creative with their announcements in large part because the announcement itself is such a non event. We’ve known Obama was running for months. So in that environment, why not try to generate a story about how you announce since the announcement itself isn’t really that interesting or news worthy?

  • Jeff,

    If you hunger for specifics you might want to look elsewhere.

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  • Matt

    Why not a Prez that looks – and sounds – good on television? Reagan was an actor, Clinton looked like a movie star, and even ol’ Dubya can stand up and sell a scripted line like an evangelical preacher man (even if he doesn’t understand what the words mean).

    No, this Obama – or really anyone who aspires to the highest office in the land – have to be good on television. It’s the opiate of the masses.

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