Two laptops per child

In December, I wished that the One Laptop Per Child project would sell the laptops to us at wildly inflated prices to subsidize laptops for children elsewhere. I suggested $500. Now the BBC reports that they are considering selling us two laptops with one going to the developing world — a less wildly inflated price. Count me in.

  • Hasan Jafri

    Laptops for children in the developing world are the antidote to poverty, want, terrorism and war. The more the merrier.

  • Yes. Count me in too.
    I’ll write them now.

  • Yoda

    1.6 billion people don’t have access to electricity and we should give them laptops? Might make a good paper weight I suppose.

  • hey yoda, it’s got a windup crank. That’s where muscle power still comes in handy.

  • echy

    If these kids have everything necessary to receive an education except a computer then why the need for crank power? They are already in a building with electricity and internet access. The money would be better spent building a computer lab.

    If these kids don’t have electricity then they don’t have internet access. What are they going to do with the computers? The money would be better spend on traditional school supplies and books.

    I don’t get it.

  • There’s a link to the website which will educate you.
    But then again, who needs education, right? Certainly not the poor.

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  • […] So give me a way to do what those “you can sponsor a child for just $24 a month” campaigns purport to do. Send me a picture of a kid with the laptop I bought for her. Make a Web site, for heaven’s sake, so it’s fully transparent and all of us donors know we are not all getting the same photo of the same kid. […]

  • Negroponte’s been talking about this for while now. I remember seeing him at the September 2005 MIT Emerging Tech Conference where he said that they hoped to distribute the $100 laptop to students in developing countries, while another version at a slightly higher price point would be available to the public.