Giving Dell its props

I like what Dell’s Lionel Menchaca blogged in response to Robert Scoble’s argument that Apple gets a free ride in PR vs. Dell:

Media coverage isn’t the real issue–it’s really about our customers’ experience when they deal with Dell. No question that incidents of poor customer service resulted in bad PR for us. And it wasn’t just Jeff Jarvis. Could we have handled that situation better than we did? You bet. For us, there wasn’t an arbitrary tipping point–things were bad so we’ve tried to fix them and will continue to do so.

  • iceman

    Apple customer service.

    A few years ago my motherboard on my laptop went.This was a generic problem and apple made good on beyond the 1 year warranty breakdowns. However this was before that and people were collecti signatures for a class action suit but nothing had been done.

    I wrote the list collector and asked what I could do now. He said, well nothing is happening now, I suppose you could write steve jobs an email, here is his address.

    I had spent 500$ fixing the laptop already.

    I thought, well what do I have to lose, a few minutes writing an email?

    I sent in the information on the fix including the websites of the people collecting signatures of customers whose motherboards were defective.

    Two days later I receive a phone call message from steve jobs’ secretary,

    Please send in the bill and we will cut you a check.

    This had to be a joke, I thought.

    I called back NO JOKE and sent in the bill, I had used an authorized apple dealer, thank god.

    And it happened, $500 check arrived

    6 months later they issued a silent recall and you could bring your computer in to an apple store to get it fixed or mail it in for a fix, no charge.

    Amazing, match that dell.

    We just ordered two laptops from dell recently and they arrived quickly with a minor screw up in mailing, not serious

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    I purchased a n AC adapter in March 2006 and it blew up today (9/1/07). I cannot seem to find a route to solving the problem without my customer number, which I have mislaid.

    Can anyone help me get through to Dell, as it only seems possible to do so if you are buying, rather than seeking help to fix a problem.

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