Big media buys small

McClatchy buys two hyperlocal citizens’ media sites in California. FresnoFamous will continue to operate independently. It’s a smart move for McClatchy that also recognizes the value of these enterprises. It’s nice to see that a founder got an exit but that’s not the only way to work together; I say that big media can work with small media in other ways, such as becoming an ad sales agent.

  • Seems to me there are opportunities for smart people to create MEANINGFUL local news in their communities. TV news’ strength lies in covering “breaking” news of sometimes questionable significance. Sites like this Fresno/Modesto Famous cover a range of topics that truly have an impact on people’s daily lives. Add video to the mix and I think you’re really on to something. Stay tuned!

  • sarah

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  • It’s interesting that while McClatchy is buying these hyperlocal sites, it at the same time just sold the Minneapolis Star Tribune for less than half what it paid for the paper in 1998. I blogged about it at

  • For some reason, the Bee decided it couldn’t beat Famous, so instead it bought the site. Seems like a disappointment for the Bee that it couldn’t compete using a product of its own creation.

  • hey Jeff…I had this story back on December 15

    Where ya been?! you should check out the citizenry a little more often ;-)

    And yes, highly significant that they bought FF–and then sold the Star-Trib, which launched its own social media site,, back in November. kinda looks like FF….has some of the same features and aims to build community.

    Could McClatchy be looking to consolidate its holdings and become a “regional” owner–co-opting both MSM and citizen journalism.

    I think it’s great that Jara Euston developed a great, valuable product and was able to sell it. This now opens the door to another independent citizen journalism project.

    Citizen journalism need not be part of the journalism Establishment in any geographic locale for it to be “legit” or significant. In fact, maybe the citizens would be best served by independents rather than being hearded into the Establishment’s stable.

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