Neutrality winning?

The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T offered concessions to the FCC to get its merger approved, including a promise to follow the principles of net neutrality.

  • Come on baby, I promise… no really!

  • “…The problem with listing the FCC’s network neutrality principles as a “concession” is that those principles are simply guidelines, and are not legally binding.”

  • Unfortunately the concessions are more apparent than real. The net neutrality concession specifically excludes IPTV, is limited to the “access” network so doesn’t cover the backbone of the Internet, and sunsets in two years instead of the 42 months for most of the other concessions.

    This would be a good starting point for negotiation between the FCC and at&t but informed opinion is that it’s the final result of a negotiation.

    The full text is here

    I posted more detailed analysis here.

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