I normally don’t play web games, but this was started by Jeff Pulver and then Amanda Congdon tagged me so, oh, well, what the hell, now I need to come up with five things most people wouldn’t know about me — which isn’t easy when your life is an open blog. This seems even more egotistical than blogging itself. But here goes:

1. I went to four elementary schools in three states and four high schools in three states — no, he wasn’t in the Army — and impatiently got out of high school and college each in three years, which might help explain why I’m so… well, you fill in that blank.

2. I got into journalism not quite by accident. I was going to go to law school but decided I couldn’t take another three years of school before getting started on life, nor would I be good at saying, “Yes, your honor.” So I looked around for a career and realized that my extracurricular activity, the newspaper, was actually a career for some.

3. Used to drink bourbon, gin, and beer — not altogether, but in that order over the years. Now drink only red wine.

4. I was once named one of San Francisco’s most eligible bachelors. That, and being straight in San Francisco, still didn’t do wonders for my social life.

5. Frank Sinatra, Bill Cosby, and Alan Thicke have all said they don’t like me.

OK, now I have to pass on this chain letter to five people about whom I’d like to know more. Sorry, folks: Rex Hammock, Steve Rubel, Seth Godin, Hugh MacLeod, Fred Wilson.