Virtual Lebensraum

The German tabloid Bild is starting an English-language newspaper called AvaStar in Second Life. It will sell for 150 Linden-Dollar (42 cents) and will include ads from real advertisers with real dollars. That’s one way to expand your readership: adding virtual readers. [via Medienlese]

See also stats on Second Life’s growth.

What I need is for someone to create Second Life for Dummies and Old Farts.

  • Hey, out first trackback in English. And what a trackback it is…

    Btw, it’s “medienlese”, German for “media-reading”.

  • Ach, tut mir leid. Wie sagt Mann ‘Typo’ auf Deutsch. Danke.

  • Tippfehler.

    Wow, you’re fluent! :-)

  • Nigel Palmer

    If I understand those Second Life stats right, the core user base is less than 40,000 people.

    Yes, it’s growing, and yes, there are more than 40,000 people registered, but ultimately, Second Life is only slightly bigger than Felixstowe.

    Felixstowe is growing too, by the way, but the world’s advertising agencies aren’t descending on it with dollar signs on their eyeballs.

  • There is a section on Hitler and Lebensraum on my website. I am a WW2 “grunt” with battle stars for Normandy, Northern France, the Bulge and Germany- Austria.

    I see “lebensraum” as the core objective of the Nazis. However, it did not originate with Hitler. It was modeled after U.S. Indian Genocide.

    I would be interested in corresponding with others who understand Lebensraum.

    Gene Austin
    104 E 3rd St
    POB 115
    Tilden NE 68781-0115
    [email protected]