Is recess over yet

All the feuding, fussing, fuming, fulminating, and generally embarrassing, adolescent asininity going on around the blog playground these days is nicely summed up with:

* Duncan Riley’s PDF charting of l’affairington.

* Amit Agarwal’s deft summary of the feuds around the jungle gym.

* Even in Germany, they’re laughing at it all under the headline, “Kindergarten-Schlacht der Blog-Giganten.” Translation: Kindergarten fight of the Blog giants.

Can we get back to class now?

  • Sigh. I’m used to the persistent zooification of bloggers, but didn’t expect to find it here, too.

    As you say, Jeff, blogs are people. People can be shitty. Next earth-shattering revelation, please.

  • Yeah, bloggers are people too. The recess was fun (and yet damaging). Thinking out loud, it makes this recess awfully looking like a hidden lesson. Ah, those darn lessons learned. (smile)

  • A tempest in a blogpot? Favorite part of the PDF: Reference to Robert Scoble having nothing to do with the story, “but these things are never complete without him.”

  • Hahaha! Look at the funny people without jobs now! They are sniffing the snow for food!

    It’s not just a joke, Jeff.

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  • Jeff, I’m thrilled. By linking to “medienlese” you just proved my point that a well-chosen headline is as important in blogging for links as it is in the dead-tree-media for sales.
    While “Kindergarten” obviously is something you wouldn’t want to be related to, having an occasion to mention that you’re even noticed in Germany and getting an opportunity to have somebody else call you a “blog-giant”, all in less than five words, is tempting, isn’t it?
    (no offense ment, for the sake of a peaceful next recess…)

  • Every community is one punch away from becoming a mob.

  • Jeff, will you please lay off? You were one of my mentors, someone I looked up to. You think I’m a schmuck for what I said about the NY Times. Fine. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong about everything else I write, too. This seems like you want my head on a spike, and you won’t be satisfied until I stop blogging.

    I’m not going to sling any more mud your way. I hope that you can remember our friendship and stop throwing it at me, too.

  • Mike,
    This was my attempt — apparently clumsy — to suggest that we should all stop with the slinging and get back to business. I saw that you were amused by the chart. So was I.
    Note above that I congratulated you for getting PayPerPost to be (almost) honest. That’s back to business.

  • Ah.

    Well in that case, nevermind.


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