A very egotistical post

OK, I know, all blog posts are by definition egotistical. But this one, I’ll warn you, is over the top.

Yesterday, I was in Times Square taping some B-roll — you know, the allegedly casual images of an interviewee just happening to walk in front of TV cameras — for Frontline [name-drop]. A guy hung nearby and when the producers and cameraman and I stopped talking, he came forward and asked whether I was Jeff Jarvis. I have to say, I was thrilled by this moment of nano-micro-mini-celebrity. Back when I was a newspaper columnist [showing off], I’d get recognized because the paper marketed its columnists on newsboxes and trucks. But here was a guy who recognized me from that silly picture to the right — and in Times Square, of all places. Yes, it’s a small, small world, after all.