And the fee for fresh air?

JetBlue is thinking about charging for premium pillows and blankets. I’ll save the money and use it to bribe the guy in front not to slam my knees shoving his seat back.

: LATER: Stowe Boyd predicts an aftermarket on eBay. Better yet, why not sell used fluffly blankets to your fellow passengers at the gate?

Now if the airlines really want to get greedy — and, of course, they do — they’ll start taking advantage of the fluid ban and start charging us for water. Oh, you can get the free water in the bacteria-laden tank in the bank. Or we can sell you this nice bottle for a mere $5.

  • Delia

    re: Kneecapping you… (could have been…)


    I don’t know if it was you but it might have been… Couple of years back I was flying from LA to SF after a happening holiday break (meaning I was dead tired), so the moment it was OK to recline and go to sleep (at least that’s what I thought …) I did so… well *tried* to… — thunder coming from behind!

    So I just got back in straight position, rang for the attendant and quietly explained the situation (didn’t even glanced at the guy in the back — didn’t seem like a nice guy…). I don’t know if I was just in luck, but the flight attendant just moved me to first class! (and took good care of me all the way to SF — *really* nice guy…).

    You’d think the inadvertently “kneecapped guy” would have been happy now… (with an empty seat in front of him). Nope! He wanted to be in first class too! (declined…)


    P.S. I’d try to get your sponsors (those who cover your travel expenses, I assume) to fly you first class — telling them long sob stories of how people won’t stop kneecapping you might help…. D.

  • This has already happened here in canada. The worst part is: there are NO pillows or blankets at all by default (even on redeyes, etc) and you pay 2$ for a air-inflateable pollow and thin fleece blanket that both reek of chemicals.

  • Tobe

    JetBlue-hoo-hoo. First, the seats have limited recline preventing blue crush. Second, there is extra leg-room in the rows towards the back of the plane. No comment on the extra moola for deluxe pillows and blankets.

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  • I flew Jet Blue for the first time last month after always being an American flier. Not too bad, I liked having all the channel options and my own TV. So I will fly again as for the blanket, don’t much care about one.

  • ronbo

    Not a good move, but they are a smart bunch and they will figure it out pretty quickly. Passengers have certain expectations, and it isn’t smart to frustrate them. Expectation of free booze (in coach)? Weak to nonexistent. Expectation of basic comfort/conveniences? Fairly strong, I would think.

    I’m not that worried about a fee for air – I don’t like theirs and I’d rather bring my own. Pay toilets, on the other hand, would be harsh.