One born every minute

The Million-Dollar Home Page guy has his next stunt. Amazing how you can make a career out of gimmicks.

  • Million dollar home page a gimmick? How about brilliant idea?
    $2MM home page with lottery? Now that’s a gimmick.
    So the guy is batting .500.
    Not too shabby.

  • Speaking of suckers, I actually clicked on that useless link you posted as was presented with nothing but a subscription form.

    And because you didn’t bother to tell us anything about the link you were describing, all I got from your blog was an advertisement.

    A subscription form and an advertisement – not much value there. Why am I reading this blog again…?

  • It’s not brilliant, it is simply boring, and pure waste of time for everyone involved.
    I expected him to get this 1M from his mdhp and create something real this time. But it seems that Alex cannot see anything more then just pixels.

  • Not that you’re at all bitter, hey Jeff ;-)

    And from what I’ve read about the traffic, those that bought ads on $1m page probably got a better effective cpm than the poor schmucks using Federated media…