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The Huffington Post announces that it is hiring a political editor and will start reporting with all that brings: deadlines, expense accounts, and salaries. It’s the next step for HuffPo and the blogosphere, to add more original reporting as it becomes worthwhile to do so. And it’s the next step for more and more institutional journalists to venture into the future. The HuffPo editor, Melinda Henneberger, comes out of Newsweek and The New York Times. Note again Washington Post political editor John Harris and a colleague leaving for an online effort. All three quickly say that there’s nothing wrong with print — nothing, clearly, except that they don’t see a bright a future there. Note, too, that it will soon be more difficult to tell the difference between old and new, as blogs and reporting and reporters blog. It’s all news.

  • JeffreyW

    “The HuffPo editor, Melinda Henneberger, comes out of Newsweek and The New York Times.”

    She’ll fit right in!

  • This is not surprising. The HuffPo is making a natural transition into newswriting after proving itself as a blog/opinion comodity. It’s faux-liberal stance has won it a readership, the readership attracted advertisers, and now they will use the ad money to hire and pay reporters. This was probably the goal all along, an attempt to bootstrap a supposedly alternative media outlet into the mainstream. It is a very savvy use of new media!

    Nonetheless, I dislike the HuffPo as a poor representation of the American left. Its worshipful obsession with entertainment figures and celebrity wealth undermines its supposed politics and reveals its ‘liberal’ stance as something of a weak, limp-wristed pose. If things progress, news reports will run alongside the HuffPo’s opinion columns and the news will lend credibility to the party-line opinion. Consequently more supposedly progressive readers will be attracted to this watered-down swill, considering it an alternative to the big-money media of yore.

    But the HuffPo’s no more of a threat to the political situation in this country than the New York Times opinion section. Both are mainstream reassurances of the status quo, platitudes that satisfy one’s inner revolutionary. All-in-all, very dull stuff.

    That said, it’s hard for me to believe the hype about how new media will revolutionize the way news is produced and distributed, when it very quickly falls into line with the same-old-shit that we’ve always known. The new editor coming as she does from established media sources, is hardly a HuffPo challenge to old media, it’s more of a capitulation.

  • I’m waiting for when we see a “real” journalist come out of the comedy industry. Heck, I hear that’s already happening on cable. There goes your alt media revolution, Mr. J. Now run go catch-up.

  • sarah

    Please hire the War Room guys from! Rescue them from Salon’s descent into icky, navel-gazing pap! I’ve often said if the War Room spun off I’d send my premiumn subscription money straight to them. As it is, I’ve long since let my sub run out (and the gift sub I’d been giving for two years).

  • Love the “seamless” transition from old media to new.

    Hate that this venture is sponsored by Arianna Huffington, a relentlessly vocal political operative for the Democrats–it taints the product.

    Will these journalists still be considered “objective””?
    Will we expect them to be?

  • So, Zsa-Zsa is now PAYING for politically-aimed blurbs with a Hollywood veneer of “reporting” glossed over the obvious motivational tilt….

    You teaching this as the “Web 2.0” way to go in your classes at CUNY, Jeffey?

  • Arianna’s political migration right across the spectrum from red to deep ultraviolet plus her fascination with socialites and celebs put her on a par with Cindy Adams as a commentator.

    She’s been tinkering with avenues into the US mainstream since way back when she wrote a book about Maria Callas.

    Almost everything on HuffPo, even Dershowitz’s defenestration of Carter’s book, reeks of cheap perfume and the fashion runway.

  • “Almost everything on HuffPo, even Dershowitz’s defenestration of Carter’s book, reeks of cheap perfume and the fashion runway.”


  • Sebastian

    Hey wait…new media is now hiring editors to to tell us what we’re supposed to pay attention to? I thought we were here to crucify big old media for doing the same thing.

    Stop confusing us, Jeff.

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