The Bivings Report surveys magazine sites.

After finishing the research, it became clear that magazines are not making use of Web 2.0.

Despite their failure in terms of Web features, it should be recognized that magazines have taken on a more effective general strategy than newspapers when it comes to the Internet. Instead of replicating printed content online, as newspapers do, magazines have made efforts to publish unique, Web specific, and easily digestible materials on their websites. In this way, magazines are using the Internet as a supplement to, rather than a replacement of, their printed publications. Magazine websites limit their article content and focus on pushing customers to purchasing printed subscriptions.

Here was my advice to magazines.

  • Opensource magazine is a project I am working on in London and it is going well….I call it meta-physical publishing….made collaboratively in the meta-verse, printed in the real world!

    anyone can get involved : )


  • Totally agree with the assessment.

    As a cigar smoker and blogger, I am encouraged that Cigar Aficionado made some key improvements to their site that readers aren’t able to enjoy in the magazine — such as the “Cigar of the Week” and the Memorable Moments section. These two editions will allow for greater connectivity between readership and publication.

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