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I wandered by Dell’s blog yesterday and saw a nice video with the team of customer support folks who are now reaching out to blogger/customers who need help. What’s so nice about it is that they take the time to read the blogs and get to know the customer’s needs there so they’re ahead of the game when they make contact. And then I was amused and amazed to hear one of them, John Blain, talk about contacting me. Click on the video:

  • Video notes: now that is an awesome background! Way better than everybody’s stodgy bookshelves. The lighting, with a touch of natural, is more favorable to your overall complexion than previous vids, and the resulting color scheme (blue/flesh) is inviting.

  • Looked fantastic and your audio is the best yet. Picked up a new mic? There’s still some difference in the audio levels between your footage and the Dell stuff, most noticeably the drop in level for your final segment.

    On the conent, I have to say “Barvo” as well. Working in a customer service field (in student loans) I don’t often get thanks from a customer after spending time straightening out whatever problem their account may be having. Sure, I am being paid to do this and a majority of these problems should never have happened to begin with, but it’s the small things like a tahnk you email from a grateful borrower that can make one’s day.

  • little j

    Whoa. Much better. Your color balance makes you look like you spent a week on vacation. Love the background. One thing though, the camera angle makes me feel like I fainted and woke up and I’m looking up at you.

    Like in a dream I wake up and you are bending over me saying:
    “stop — this — metaphor — right– NOW!”

    ok ok.

  • Congrats Jeff on the video, I think Dell has made some real efforts to turn itself around, and you helped as a catalyst for the community. You started out when they launched the new blog with some criticism. It’s been my experience that it takes some time for a company to get its blogging legs. What further steps do you think the company needs to take?

  • To put forward one software VidLizard:

    – Play multimedia video and audio, and support DIVX, AVI, MPEG, ASF, MP3, WAV, MID formats.

  • Great looking video. I am going to check out that thing. Thanks for the post. Oh, and I like you talk and video about your Dell experiences.

  • Jeff —

    I am browsing with Safari on OSX. The last three times I have scrolled past your video still (without playing it), my browser has crashed (that little colored circular ball had me use Force Quit). Have you heard of such a problem from anyone else?

  • I wish I had as favorable views of Dell. Of course, I am not Jeff Jarvis. So, neither John Blain nor any Dell representative was as anxious to help me. See my blog post at

  • Andrew: Just tried it on Safari. It was slow rendering the players (many on the page) but the damned ball did disappear. I will need to put in links instead for the m any players below. And you need to switch to Firefox!

  • Nance: It takes us a few days to fish things off of technorati, and it looks like you’ve posted your blog about Dell on 11/20. The internet is a big place!

    Now that we have seen this, I’ll make sure you’re taken care of. It looks like a refund may be in order…

    Dell Customer Advocate

  • Bob

    The video is much better. The audio still ssems muted compared to what you piped in from Dell. I had to turn off the television and pump the volume on the laptop to hear you speak.

  • Video is fantastic

  • The video is creepily warm and fuzzy! EWWWWW. I’ve spent about 3 hours on the phone with Dell over the last month, trying to get my 16 year old daughter’s 2005 Christmas present (an Inspiron 6000) fixed. I was busy moving, so she took it upon herself to call in and try to get our “under warranty” laptop repaired. She said the word “dropped” and we are totally screwed now. The laptop’s audio never worked right, the keys started to fall off randomly and then the LCD screen went. She’s 16, she knocked it once harder than she thought she should and felt responsible and was honest with them. Now they say the motherboard needs to be repaired and we have to pay $798. I flipped at that and guess what … the price changed to $490 plus taxes. I gave them a choice since I knew we were doomed because she said “dropped” … I offered $200 to fix the LCD since I knew her words couldn’t be erased off their work order AND we would buy the 3 year, $209 accident insurance OR years of my badmouthing Dell and never being a customer again. They wouldn’t budge. So you know, I feel much more comfortable giving the probably $400 repair money to a local businessman and making sure I tell everyone that Dell products aren’t worth the hassle of the guaranteed repair needs.
    They need to tell the customer service people not to say, “Thank you for chosing Dell” at the end of an angry, unsatisfying call! I said,”You are kidding right?”

  • OH … guess why I haven’t been getting emails?
    Because their spelling system … “f” as in frank, “u” as in unbelievable, “t” as in tirade, “t” as in tired of being on hold, “o” as in ornery, “n” as in “nuff” already, “b” as in bizarre, “a” as in AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh, “y” as in you’re kidding me, “m” as in mad as hell, “e” as in error, “d” as in despicable, “i” as in idiots, “a” as in the A word FAILED MISERABLY and they’ve been sending my emails to [email protected] instead of [email protected].
    Dell Hell is such an apt description. And I’m am trying to be forgiving of the language barrier, everyone needs a job. But this system isn’t working. The problem started when my daughter couldn’t understand a word the customer service guy said and vice versa. This is just an inexcusable business practice.
    Please go to and complain there as well.

  • I see I haven’t updated my post since the last hour long call I had with customer service this morning. Seems there is an LCD issue and it is probably the cause of all my problems with our Inspir”off” 6000. I have now called back to make them aware of . This is exactly what my daughter’s screen did as it died slowly. This is such a bad game and if you don’t say, my problem is: you don’t get it fixed under warranty. I’ve posted my claim at that website and Memphis Dell continues to hold my daughter’s laptop for ransom. How sad.

  • Jeff: I am happy to see you are a Dell satisified customer. For me it was a completely different experience. Their people are good people. Their management and product managers are very short sighted in my view and more focused on the quarterly reports for Wall St.

    Dell Computer Sucks

    Michael Dell and his product managers are running a shoddy business in my opinion.

    I bought a new Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop, which was my single worst purchase over the past 20 years. It came loaded with spyware and software programs that I requested not be loaded on the machine. I attempted to delete AOL and Norton and several other programs (probably about 15-20 programs) that were crippling the system. This was a bad move since it only created more problems with the system. I was having memory problems and curser problems.

    I called Dell to share with them my displeasure with their decision to load spyware on a “professional business machine.” I thought I was ordering a BUSINESS system. I specifically only asked for MS Office and MS XP Professional. I was provided a system that had the 2 Microsoft software programs but I was also provided with a machine with so much crap on it that I was over whelmed after I configured it and it was non stop pop-up’s with continuity programs to order monthly recurring services that I neither wanted or needed. I already had my own internet connection, I already had my own Computer Associates antivirus software and antispyware and was not about to use Dell’s providers just because I bought a new machine from them.

    Back to my machine, it was not working and I spent 3 days on the phone with Dell customer support because I deleted AOL and the whole machine went down hill from there. It never functioned properly after that because I crushed some shared DLL files that became a huge problem.

    We even went through the exercise of re-formatting the hard drive with a quick format. What a waste of time that is. It really does not delete any files. It strips off the headers of the files so in essence what we have is a disk that has 2X the data on it slowing it down. This was increasingly going from bad to worse.

    After complaining to Dell and many hours spent on the phone wasting their time and mine they agreed to send me a replacement Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop. I went over the edge of the earth to tell them NOT to load the spyware on the machine. They PROMISED that they would not load the spyware. Dell Computer lied to me and sent me another Inspiron 6400 with the spyware programs. Here we go again.

    I had to get back on the phone with them and we agreed to disable, however not delete Dell’s spyware. However I am now using the Dell Inspiron 6400 with their disabled spyware and I am still very unhappy with their product. I get memory issues with text box’s being thrown up on screen, I get slow boot up’s and shut down’s and VERY poor performance overall. I get better performance in a public library 5 year old computer than I do on a $1,100 Dell Inspiron.

    Lesson of the day. Do not buy Dell Computer. Purchase your next computer from a VAR even if it is a home system. I now know that I should have purchased a Dell Latitude instead of an Inspiron, but Dell will not tell you that. The Dell salesperson ripped me off. Make sure that you too do not get ripped off by Dell.

    Jim Peake Marblehead Massachusetts Thursday, December 28, 2006

  • jim peake,

    I got my Dell 6400, but it didn’t contain any spyware or crap. The only irritating thing was Dell Help or something like that.

    I installed ubuntu linux and it’s great.


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  • Daniel

    I need help~~~
    my Dell inspiron 6400 has a slow start up time and a realllllllllllllyyyyy long shut down time~~

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