And I vote

Yesterday afternoon as I was working for my wife (damn, I hate hanging drapes), the doorbell rang and it was the Republican mayor and his running mate from our very, very Republican town at the door. I practically licked my lips. “I’m a Democrat,” I said and they started to pull away even at that. “But I have to say that you people spend like drunken Democrats.” They started to leave. I said, “You don’t want to listen to your constituent?” They stood there, unhappy as I told them that they shamefully waste money on fancy cars for town employees, Taj Mahal treatment of public works, and more. I enjoyed that. The problem is that they have been unopposed for so long that they don’t act like Republicans; they act like a junta with expensive taste. Power corrupts. But the Republican pushback reportedly sweeping America is even coming to my little red town. There’s a Democrat running and even my hyper-Republican attorney and friend — who can’t say the word “Democrat” without a visible lurch — is voting for the guy.