Nielsen holds a conference on “consumer-generated media” but won’t allow blogging. Can Nielsen perhaps measure the high irony and low IQ in that? [via Rubel]

  • “Can Nielsen perhaps measure the high irony and low IQ in that?” Measuring THAT will be a tough and unsavory! :-)

  • aycon

    It’s easier to collect from a couple of big nuts than a million little ones.

  • Jeff,

    I posted a detailed comment about this on my own blog, and invite you to check it out. In summary: this particular event was primarily our customers sharing their case studies with one another, and that level of openness from the clients required an “off the record” forum.

    We do appreciate the feedback (here and your thoughtful comment on Hurst’s blog) and are actively working to find the right approach for all our events and activities.

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  • And who do they think they are charging for the conference? Actually we should do away with money!! And property… how outmoded is that?


    Teasing you, of course.

    – Amanda

    PS As I see it, you’ve got boundary issues. Also, “control” seems to haunt you. I am guessing you had an overbearing mother.

  • I see the person you’re writing about has provided motivating info already…. ;-)

    Just because a conference is about user-generated content, doesn’t mean that the conference needs to be public info itself. Most books about baking aren’t printed on dough, for instance.

    Jeff, I think you were led by the nose to outrage here. We need to question the authority of *whatever* media figures tell us, whether corporate or casual.

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  • Verdino’s a bright guy. The conversation needed to be had and I’m proud of him for having the stones to initiate it.

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