Huzzah gets a long-awaited and needed redesign. I like it much better than the cluttered old look. One complaint: It requires a lot of clicking — to get more of each post and to get earlier posts (which, because PaidContent is so blessedly copious in its coverage, means posts older than a hour or two). I wish I could get a show-me-everything-ya-got-today view (which is what the RSS feed gives me). I wouldn’t say that for all sites, but I would say it for PaidContent because everything they write is indispensible.

  • Love the new design!

  • Rafat

    hey jeff
    thanks on your kind words..on your point, a very valid one, and something i am still conflicted about…i gave this reply to saul hansell, who had the same complaint: “the excerpting has to be done: balancing issue: if we want to fit in 30 odd posts on homepage (we are increasing that from current 20) without the pages running too long, and the main page file size getting too big, we have to excerpt”.
    but this is something i will observe over the next few days and see what the user behavior is…for us, switching to full posts (instead of excerpts) on homepage is easy…so may take up your recommendation…thanks.

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