Funny money

This morning’s New York Post speculates — in the wake of the YouTube deal — that Gawker Media is worth $400 million, CraigsList $250 million, and $200 million. I can hear Nick Denton cackling with derision 20 blocks away. No offense to Nick, but I do think that CraigsList is worth more — except for the likelihood that anybody who’d buy it would ruin it (and the likelihood of it being bought looks quite slight). [I would give you a link to the Post story, by the way, but the page crashed my browser three times thanks to a damned ad or their damned overeager Flash.]

  • Since you sometimes touch on the political side of things, I thought you’d like to review this.

    Here at Public Agenda, we’ve released a report that will provide political bloggers with Americans’ opinions on foreign policy issues, and is certain to be a basis for political commentary.

    In a world strewn with violence and highly-charged international issues, Americans are taking notice. Using our “Anxiety Indicator,” Public Agenda has found some hard-hitting trends in American opinions and fears regarding U.S. foreign policy.

    Here at Public Agenda, we’re dedicated to finding out where the nation stands, and through the creation of our “Anxiety Indicator,” we’ve been able to do just that. Our findings are extensive and expose the fact that citizens are broadly uneasy about American foreign policy.

    In fact, the public lacks confidence in the measures being taken to ensure America’s security. Less than 33% of Americans give the U.S. government an “A” or a “B” grade for its execution of the following foreign policy issues: reaching goals in Iraq and Afghanistan, maintaining good relationships with Muslim countries and protecting U.S. borders from illegal immigration. And these are just a few of the findings.

    According to the indicator, eight in 10 Americans feel the world is becoming a more dangerous place for Americans. The Foreign Policy Index also takes into account citizens’ feelings on 25 influential international issues. Want to learn more? Go to to download the report.

    These are some of the other startling findings:

    – 83 percent say they are worried about the way things are going for the United States in world affairs (35 percent worry “a lot”, with an additional 48 percent saying they worry “somewhat.”)
    – 79 percent say the world is becoming more dangerous for the United States and the American people
    – 69 percent say the United States is doing a fair or poor job in creating a more peaceful and prosperous world
    – 64 percent say the rest of the world sees the United States negatively
    – 58 percent say U.S. relations with the rest of the world are on the wrong track

  • I know these are well known sites but these price tags never seem to make my jaw drop! I can’t even imagine.

  • Carl

    In response to Mr. William Hallowell:

    Supporting the Millennium Goals is crucial to the US’s safety. Globally controllong and eventually eradicating poverty is the most effective, efficient, and humanitarian way to create a safer homeland. The Borgen Project ( states that only $19 billion a year is necessary to eliminate the problem. More than $300 billion has been spent on the Iraq war already.

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  • Good grief, who let the Unabomber in here to publish his manifesto in the comments?

    BTW, Jeff, there are two typos in this post. You must have been in a hurry.

  • Note to William H. Depperman:

    Dude, get your own blog. Nobody’s going to read your 5,000 word screed in the comments section of somebody else’s blog.

  • Cool site. Thanks:-)