The laughing murderers

The Times of London gets a video showing Atta et al having a good laugh before they recorded their murderous wills.

  • EB

    Haven’t we already learned that jihadists are ecstatic at the idea of sacrificing themselves (and others) in order to get to heaven. So of course they are happy and laughing. No surprise to me. I was alarmed to see people on the tv news reporting in shock at the ease and laughter being displayed on the tape. We still don’t get it… but I guess seeing the video might open more people’s eyes to this horrifying fact. I just wish Murdoc hadn’t profitted from selling the rights to other broadcasters. It should be shown and explained so that people realize this is not a new idea… jihadis are not desperate, grim nihilists, they are educated, radical and homicidal religious believers. And they like the idea of getting to heaven by killing people and themselves…. it is not what we believe though.

    Anyone else remember that happy party going on on that bridge in Fallujah?

  • kat

    Yes, and I remember dancing in the streets after 911 and candy being handed out in celebration. And I’ve seen jihadi mothers being happy after their children have gutblown. So, no, I am not shocked either.

  • penny

    Surprise. Not so. Sadly, Atta and Friends craven amusement wouldn’t offend the little weasels on the left.

  • patriot

    This is not what we think it is. They are laughing because they are not really reading their “wills” , they are being set up as patsies. Please, it says “will” on it in Arabic? bwahahah. Every single thing that Bush has done to destroy the constitution and start illegal wars which have killed over 100,000 is because of 9-11. Everything. Think about it. Those buildings did not come down from fires, there were people inside using the phone right up to the minute of collapse, if the fire had been so hot, then how could they have done that? Also, everyone in the task force interviews and on the networks as it happened that day was talking about explosions, that is all anyone who was there talked about, yet NIST did not even test for explosions and the phony 911 commission did not listen to any of these people. The people on the commission, btw, all had conflicts of interest which gave them a big incentive not to find out the truth. That is why they were chosen. DON’T BELIEVE THIS CRAP.

  • David

    “Yes, and I remember dancing in the streets after 911 and candy being handed out in celebration. ”

    Ohh you mean like the 3 jewishmen in battery park who were celebrating the attack on the WTC on 9/11 because now the US would be attacking the enemies of Israel?

  • kat

    No, I mean the millions of muslims who celebrated.

  • penny

    “3”, that’s the best you could come up ? Give it up.

    there were people inside using the phone right up to the minute of collapse, if the fire had been so hot, then how could they have done that?

    Pretty much like ever other person ever caught in a fire before the smoke and flames reach them. It’s the nature of fires. Hello!!!

  • Eileen

    Just curious about whatever planet it is from which you hale, “patriot”.

    Jihadi Islamofascist Scum ‘being set up as patsies’? AHAHAHA

    Your time would be better spent talking to your compatriots about killing each other and so-called infidels of all stripes across the globe for 1,400 years. The Death Cult of Islam.

    Your deluded state isn’t helping the taqiyya cause. But thanks for the laughs!

  • Patriot

    You’ve been drinking Kool Aid from anti-administration conspiracy websites I suppose.

    And there haven’t been over 100,000 killed in these ‘illegal’ wars.

  • LanceThruster

    I happen to agree with Patriot by and large. While it’s true that 9/11 “changed everything”, it’s probably not in the way you think. Sketchy ‘evidence’ at best was used as a cover for all the subsequent abuses of the Shrub misadministration. The extent that the WTC site was not treated like a crime scene (protection of evidence, tests run on the debris for chemical traces, witness statements, depositions under oath, detaining persons of interest), contradictory statements not followed up on, the whitewash of the 9/11 Commision (think about it – under $1 million to investigate the attack where as Ken Starr spent ~$42 million to sniff Clinton’s sheets) where questionable aspects of the official narrative were not even pursued, the lies just NOW coming out about what Rice was and wasn’t told…and on and on strongly points to complicity at best and culpability at worst. Come on Prof. Jarvis, even YOU would have to conclude that someone is not giving a factual account. And if they are not, why wouldn’t you want to know more about it?

    I find it sad, tragic, and in the words of Dr. Rice, ‘incomprehensible’ that the press has so little curiosity over some of the more troubling details of the 9/11 accounts as well as the demonstrably false and contradictory statements of ShrubCo. The same ‘certainty’ they had about WMDs and being greeted with rose petals is the same confidence they want us to accept in determining who actually struck us on 9/11. If they truly had nothing to hide, they would not be concerned about letting the facts lead where they may. If it was a missing blonde in Aruba, the coverage woud be non-stop.

    As far as the “Dancing Israelis” go, I believe the number was 5. Their arrests and identities were well documented, yet this hint at foreknowledge of the attack raises no concerns for Jeff. Neither do the put options in the stock market. The Israelis were also allowed to leave with barely a mention. One of them declared later on Israeli TV that his purpose was to document the events. How’s that for a curious statement? In fact, to even want to speculate further on the Israelis is grounds enough (though paper thin) for the accustion of Jew hatred. I offer that to keep one’s head in the sand to the extent that many citizens are doing is a clear hatred of the US Constitution that our officials are sworn to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic and not treat like it’s “just a goddam piece of paper”* (*GW Bush).

    The actual ‘Kool-Aid’ drinkers are here, it’s just that Patriot is in no way one of them. Keep seeking the truth Patriot even if your lemming-like fellow citizens haven’t the stomach for it. It’s possible that there are aspects that turn out to be wrong as far as our suspicions go, but at least we were willing to look.

    BTW, though the collapse all on the same day of three steel frame high-rise structures from fire , one with no plane hit (WTC 7), was entirely UNPRECEDENTED, there is no major investigation to identify, demonstrate, and modify the conditions that resulted in the “total progressive collapse”. The challenge has been issued to duplicate the conditions here:

    Remember how detailed the investigation was after the Kansas City hotel skyway collapse. They were able to determine how the changes made from the original specs resulted in the tie rods for the walkway pulled out of the channeling because shorter rods and fender washers were used instead of the support rod being continuous. If the WTC buildings fell as described, there are other disasters just waiting to happen from a civil engineering standpoint.

    I guess it’s just more satisfying to stoke the blood lust of hating Arabs and Muslims (though the distinction of just the fanatical ones is lost on many) because it’s easier than actually thinking. I’d be interested to hear what those so sure of the truth about 9/11 already being known might say if some of their most cherished beliefs were shown to be false. But like any true religionist, the attitude is that it’s impossible that they are wrong. I would be more than willing to recant, provided a real investigation was done.