Les derniers journaux

The troubles hitting big media are hardly restricted to the U.S. In France, media mogul Arnaud Lagadère warns, “The press has ten years left. Production costs will become unsustainable.” Editors Weblog quotes him saying that the the press has “little future in its present state” and that “we’re moving towards the dismantling of its traditional support structure.” I’m hoping that this quote lost something in the translation, because I sure can’t figure out what he’s saying:

As for new media, Lagadère said that “Our adaptation will not consist of making a systematic and mechanic transfer of our press to the Internet. That would be a mistake. Our advantage will remain in the richness of our content. We will not submit to the mutation of modes of consumption; on the other hand we will play a part in their evolution.”

  • I thought they came up with a cure for mutants in the last one.

  • The printing press won’t die. The people putting words on paper are just going to have to make sure those words are worth reading or they’ll lose money. Is that such a bad thing?

  • The French State broadcast news media is not any better. See Augean Stables which has been reporting on the trial of a blogger charged with defaming France2 TV by reporting a coverup.

    The French may end up resorting to an “Anglo-Saxon network”. :-)

  • ZF

    You were not supposed to be able to understand it.

    If you were a member of the French educational and professional elite you would instantly lose caste if you said something in terms which the man on the street could easily understand. Everything is uttered instead in a sort of ‘private language’ jargon, which helps to wall off the elite and their discussions from any possible interference (or competition) coming from outsiders.

  • Harry, sorry but what is the link between the France 2 story and Lagardère’s quote ?

    Jeff, the translastion is correct. The sentence doesn’t mean anything in French.

    ZF caricaturing people doesn’t help.

  • “We will not submit to the mutation of modes of consumption;”

    They will.
    Because there is one thing which is called progress and it happens either you want it or not.

    It isn’t as fast as some people would like and not enough fast as some other would.
    But it always comes.

    They will make portable screens that will look just like a newspaper or a book, where the written content will be there as long as the reader wants and needs it.
    Everything is going to get virtual, because virtual means less space and less space is what we need in this overcrowded world.
    Everything is going to be consumed and is going to disappear in a tiny memory somewhere where you can find it when you need it.
    At least everything that can be virtual.

    We better get used to the idea and like it if we want to survive…

  • I thought he was saying that the new rules Reuters CEO Tom Glocer outlined, “You get the news you want when you want it” (and how you want it, on the device you want) will not, in fact, guide Lagadère’s strategy. He refuses to submit to this “mutation” because it would mean the end of his business.

  • Jay, I read again this sentence. I think what it means is that his company needs to lead the numerical revolution instead of submiting to it. Being an actor and not a follower.

  • Some of the translation is poor, the most obvious to note:

    “We will not submit to the mutation of modes of consumption; on the other hand we will play a part in their evolution.”

    …should read more like:

    “We will not be made to undergo the mutation of modes of consumption; on the contrary we will in fact play a part in their evolution.”

  • TechBee

    Original quote in French (AFP press agency):
    “notre adaptation ne consistera pas à faire une transposition systématique et mécanique sur internet de tous nos titres de presse. Ce serait une erreur”, dit-il. “Notre plus restera la richesse des contenus”, ajoute-t-il en affirmant qu'”on ne va pas subir la mutation des modes de consommation, on va jouer au contraire une partie de cette évolution”.