I had to leave the World Trade Center this morning.

I was disgusted that the conspiracy-theory nutjobs were crawling everywhere like the rats they are. But I was even more disturbed at the media leaches crawling around them. I wanted to go up to some of my media colleagues with their pens cocked and ready and tell them to turn around: The story isn’t a few wackos who come because you and your cameras and notebooks are here, you fools! The story is over there, in the hole that still haunts us. The story is about the families and about the heroes and about the memories and about that hole. The story is even about WTC 7, now rising above the void, shining in a sky as bright as that five years ago today. The story is about the crowd of people — more than I’ve seen in recent years — who came to pay their respect. The story is not about these disrespectful loons, who got into shouting matches, drawing more cameras to them.

I was also bothered standing behind two women who were hugging and crying and in front of them were six photographers snapping eagerly, looking for a drop of human emotion to suck up. Oh, I have been there, too, calling the bereaved to find a photo of the dearly departed to share with the world. I’m not proud of that. Today, though, people can tell their own stories, thank goodness.

When I came into the WTC PATH a few minutes earlier than I did five years ago, I saw the temporary reflecting pool and the honor guard of police, fire, and responders from all quarters and it got to me. In the post below, which I wrote last night, I thought I was a bit more distant. But these people bring it back. Then I came up the stairs, right where I left the towers five years ago, and I saw the lunatics lined up with their conspiracy T-shirt uniforms and their offensive, idiotic banners and I got angry.

I was angry at the wrong people, just as they are. We all need to be angry at the people who murdered our neighbors that day.

: At Comment is Free, Glenn Reynolds zaps the tin hats.

  • steve

    “The facts… speak for themselves. The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation…

    Always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.

    I believe I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make very certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again.

    Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger.

    With confidence in our armed forces – with the unbounded determination of our people – we will gain the inevitable triumph – so help us God.”

    December 8, 1941

  • The CBS firefighter documentary/9/11 special last night was fantastic…..but for some reason, after hearing the f-word about a half dozen times, all I could think about was if the FCC is gonna fine them.

    (If it was Stern that had said them, you know they would……..)

    Maybe that’s the real tragedy…..while watching a fine 9/11 show I was more worried about my First Amendment rights.

  • Esteban

    Did you see Wonkette’s snide comments about the CNN coverage and of the Presdient?

    I don’t want to suggest that any comments – or even humor – is off limits when it comes to 9/11. And I certainly don’t defend the President: Watching the CNN coverage I am yet again stunned with how much “unity capital” an inept President squandered that day.

    But I am stunned by the ease and harshness with which they render judgments on the actions of people that day, including our inept Presdient and CNN. These were human beings – these journalists and politicians and everyone else — facing it with all the flaws and humanity that real people bring to trauma and horror.

    And Wonkette is making snotty comments about rebuffering? How about some humility and reverence for the challenges people faced on a day like that?

    I always thought my cynicism had no limits. I was wrong.

    Their glibness is disgusting.

  • thedude

    As you should be. When the Jarvis of the world are all too willing to give up the basic rights of this country for perceived secuity, we are in trouble. Jarvis is just dripping with fear, obviously being lead around by that fear by those who jumped on the chance to maximize the opportunity. What is shocking is that 5 years later a small minority still believes the fear based myths created by this administration. Jarvis, its you who need to re-evaluate your assumption that the public has made their decision, they have, but its not in agreement with your fear based beliefs. The public has come out the otherside and will no longer be lead by those preaching fear. Sorry to see you haven’t yet.

  • Conspiracy theory nutcase are indeed annoying. The movie United 93 is described as “meticulously researched” and “based on fact” and supposed to “honor all victims”, but there is not any indication that the German passenger Christian Adams was indeed a coward and appeaser and tried to stop the American heroes from storming the cockpit as the movie shows. What conspiracy theory at the expense of a victim is that!
    My take on this in the Atlantic Review: German 9/11 Victim Defamed in “United 93” Movie.

  • John

    Jeff thanks for the great post and it was extremely eerie this morning listening to the Howard Stern re-broadcast from 9/11. The anger, emotion, confusion, chaos, it was all there and was a lot more powerful than I thought it would be. They really did a terrific job and even managed to make me laugh amid the insanity (when Robyn’s limo driver took off leaving her there).

    I also almost hate to ask, and maybe I’ve just never paid them any attention but what in God’s name to any “conspiracy theorists” claim about the 9/11 attacks?

  • Angelos

    Wonkette well within “her” rights.

    If BushCo can use 9/11 as the hammer of fear to keep pants-pissers in line (terra! terra! terra!), then people with a clue can use 9/11 to laugh as BushCo and the pants-pissers.

    Two separate issues: respect for the victims of 9/11, and disgust at the polical (ab)use of it by wingnuts.

    Just remember My Pet Goat, and the panicked look on your Dear Leader’s face. The original pissing of the pants, which inspired wingut of all stripes to give away freedom after freedom, as long as they were kept “safe.” At the expense of other people’s children, of course. And the health of our treasury, our military, and our standing in the world.

  • Esteban

    Mr. Lorsolite:

    Where do I get my palmkernels?

  • As long as the unanswered questions raise a nasty smell the conspiracy theories will have currency.

  • Dying is nothing, it takes just a second.
    What matters is the time that goes from the moment you realize you are dying and the moment you do.
    That make a death as terrible and as horrible as it can be and as it surely was for the dead of 9/11.
    All the rest is just History.


  • And I started to watch the ceremonies at the Pentagon, but when Gen. Pace ended his statement with “Not on our Watch”, when there is no question but that it was on their watch, I just had to cut it off. Blame spreading at a moment like that is just unbelievable.

  • Jeff,

    My deep sympathies. NYC Indymedia, which I help run, has been in a 3 year war with the tin foil hats, and its cost us support, and readership. Many other local Indymedia sites embrace the conspiracy theorists, but we’re interested in the truth in NYC, not in craziness.

    I’m sorry you had to leave.


    “So although saying that 9/11 was an inside job sounds like a radical challenge to state power, it actually is a form of reverse patriotism. The accusation calls out of hiding a puppetmaster whose strings are the web we live in. He is seen everywhere because he can’t be found anywhere, and his presence must be manufactured to hold off the deeper terror of life’s absurdity.”

  • Musante


    …endless public wallowing in the emotions of 9/11


    ” The world is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel ”

    (– Horace Walpole)


  • penny

    As long as the unanswered questions raise a nasty smell the conspiracy theories will have currency.

    The 9/11 Commission pretty much answered “the questions” in thousands of pages after hundreds of sworn testimonies. It can be viewed online as a reference. Of course, that’s a meaningless resource to the paranoid idiotarians out on the fringes. There isn’t much unanswered if you get off your butt and do some research.

  • Esteban

    I couldn’t agree more Ruth. Dante could not have throught of a circle of hell low enough for anyone who sees a day like this is seen as either a political or career opportunity. They have first amendment right to do this, which thrills me, but they also seem to have an astounding lack of decency and awareness of the basic fragility of all people.

    And while I expected this vile exploitation by the Bush adminsitration (they are not disappointing), take a little trip around the liberal blogosphere. I guess that cuteness and sarcasm and comedy lines on a day like this are an acquired taste.

    I guess I am an anchronism is the age of cynicism.

    I rant and rave and jeer and ridicule the right with the best of them. I scream when I think of how a national consensus to fight terrorism was squandered by our President.

    I just have this thing about truces on days of such gravity and solemnity.

    I can live with the fact that some people dont think it is nececassy to suspend their cuteness. They certainly didn’t agree to any truce.

    I just don’t have the stomach for it. Call me tomorrow.

    Right now I have to go put a flower on my neighbor’s grave.

  • penny

    So, Estaban, I guess in your universe, any gesture of official remembrance or comfort by the President of the United States today is politically exploitive, is that what I’m hearing? Just he or should all elected officials remain in their closets today to avoid appearing exploitive?

    You are the face of the age of cynicism and vacuous cuteness. Amusingly, you don’t even have insight into that irony.

  • Esteban

    Many thanks for helping me see my cynicism and vacuous cuteness. I’m working on it.

  • At times like this, I’m glad I don’t have a TV.

  • splendid pieces, jeff. the conspiracy theory cancer has spread t Britain alas, bravely led by one David Icke ( a former newscaster and author of ‘Infinite Love is the Only Truth , Everything Else is Illusion’

  • thedude

    All real journalist should be conspiracy theorist. Everything at some point or another is a conspiracy. When those brave folks told people that Enron was manipulating prices and was nothing but a shell game, the establishment called them conspiracy theorists. When the millions marched in the streets and said Bush was manipulating the intellegence and fearmongering over Iraq, they were labeled conspiracy theorists by the mainstream media (and bloggers like Jarvis) When reports of abuse in AMerican jails in Iraq claimed of torture, the WH claimed it was a conspiracy to insite the masses. The pictures come out later and a conspiracy theory becomes reality. When Condi rice claims to not have any idea that hijackers would use planes the media said those who thought otherwise were conspiracy nuts, then the Daily PResidents briefing comes out and a conspiracy becomes reality. Journalist have a responsiblility to keep an open mind. The unanswerd questions of 911 are many, a valid arguement can be made that some in the US goverment were complicent, they looked the other way because they needed a “new pearl harbour” to invade the Middle east. When those in power years before 911 claim a need and that need happens and they act exactly as they wanted then one MUST investigate and keep an open mind.

  • I just got back from lower Manhattan. The area around the WTC was packed, unlike, say, last year. There was a full media circus with dozens of TV crews and lots of tourists.

    The 9/11 conspiracy group were there in force. In the mid afternoon they held a rally on both sides of Broadway. I would guess several hundred of them. They listened to their leader(?) speaking through a megaphone and all answered back in unison at key points in his speech “9/11 was an inside job”.

    I have trouble understanding what their objectives are. They claim the want the full story released, but disbelieve whatever evidence is presented to them than discounts a conspiracy.

    They claim they are against the military (or police state) plans for the US, but act like a para-military group. Some of us associate black shirts and unison shouting of key phrases with some very unpleasant groups in the past. Their choice of symbolism and tactics can’t have been accidental.

    So what are they really after?

  • EB

    Jarvis, thanks for posting, I admire your ability to put aside your anger in order to communicate… it can’t be easy to do and I thank you for your efforts…. this morning I watched some of a VHS tape I made on 9/11/2001 of the breaking news coverage, watching it today it seemed so long ago…. and at times it even seemed a bit surreal …. I saw the “moment” MSNBC put the “crawl” in for the first time on-air, “Mount Rushmore closed” it said among other “facts” (and 5 years on the crawl is still there)…. then I saw Peter Jennings come up as I switched channels on the tape, he had said before he died that 9/11 made him start smoking again and there he was looking calm and professional, inside he must have been smoking in a different way, he didn’t show it on camera though.

    I think I’ll keep this vhs tape, even though in a few years I might not be able to play it back any more, they might not make vcrs after the one I have breaks eventually… but I’ll keep the tape anyway, at the time I had scratched out the name of some lame TV show which had been on that tape, (it was so September 10th), and I had written “9/11 History in progress” on the label, we’re still living “history in progress” and thanks, Jeff, very sincerely, for bearing witness and writing about it today.

  • Sorry for the off topic but I can totaly relate to Easycure comment. I bet it was used 3 every minute.
    Im sorry but I come from a family that anyone can say a vulgar word but only smart people can think of a different word to use. The f-bomb is becoming to much of an everyday word.

    I give all those that have had tragity on 9-11 all my heart and hope that things can com to a nrom in their lives

  • Back to topic, I really Feel for you I would be Very Upset with the situation This is a terrible event that has happen there is no reason to put others in the guilt and hate over the matter. These idiots have no clue no life and will never have a reason. Only if they could walk in yourshoes for a day and feel your hate and your pain.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    For all of those who spit at George Bush for daring to observe today. What would you have said if he DIDN’T go to New York?

    I believe that you would acuse him of hiding under his desk because of “his guilt”.

    I know you hate the President, but I’m not sure if you even know why any more…I think you hate him just because you hate him.

    Jeff will probably censor this, but fuck you, all of you who still look back at the 1990’s with Bill colored glasses.

    Your fair haired boy farted around for 8 years like a hillbilly with a winning lotto ticket and let the terrorist threat grow to unmanageable proportions.

    You seem to be more upset by TV coverage of a significant historical occurance and a TV movie than you are about those who would kill you in your sleep.

    Wake the hell up and grow up while you’re at it.

  • Eileen


    I’m with you. Anyone.. ANYONE who wants to make this an American political issue is just f’ed up.

    I cried again, today. Hard.

    The enemy is ISLAM. The movie only just started to clue in the American public about what we are facing.

    We had better start looking forward instead of assigning blame on AMERICAN politics. And we had better become better educated about our FOE:


  • Jim Karna

    Esteban’s ire was at cynical politiking, making politcial light of public tragedy. While aimed at Bush i’m not sure it was exclusively meant for Bush. Does there have to be polar extremes Mumblix? Bush’s many ills as president aren’t over shadowed or made any better by the fact that Clinton also “farted around for 8 years like a hillbilly”.

  • Rich Banner

    Why is it that extreme American leftists seem to really enjoy public bowel movements? Obviously, the dude is a political animal but why can’t he see the political damage it causes his own “movement” to roll out the BushMcHitler rant on September, 11th?

    Just basic respect dictates lying off it for the day. They really remind me of religious zealots

  • Angelos

    Here’s a little myth-busting for you wingnuts who insist that Clinton did “nothing” about terrorism, and that Bush has done anything productive.

    Then again, you all probably watched the ABC mythology too, so you’re beyond redemption and truth.

    “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” ~Sir Winston Churchill

  • Jim Robins

    Bush and the Admin. have only themselves to blame for the growing 9/11 Truth Movement. Their continued efforts to lie, stonewall and coverup the facts surrounding 9/11 only fuel the fire. There are many. many anomolies and 100’s of unanswered questions.

    All that the truthseekers are wanting is an independant 9/11 investigation. Is that unreasonable considering 9/11 has been the pretext and justification for Bush’s illegal wars, our eroding civil liberties and a tyranical President who thinks he’s above the law?

    Quite simply, the official conspiracy theory has never been proven and is more outrageous the more one researches the evidence. As TIME stated in an article this week “This is not a fringe phenomenon. It is a mainstrem political reality.

    People in the Truth Movement are some of the most patriotic and passionate people who care about the future of our country. Dissent is patriotic!

  • chico haas

    Might be the first time Winston Churchill has ever introduced Al Franken.

  • I had a similar reaction to the conspiracy theorists at Ground Zero. My Messenger Post Newspapers column is below:

    Michael Winship, Writers Guild of America Award winner and former writer with Bill Moyers, writes this weekly column for the Messenger Post Newspapers in upstate New York. He can be reached at the above e-mail address or in Manhattan at (212) 989-7622. Permission is granted for reproduction. Please credit Winship and Messenger Post.

    As American as Apple Pie

    Michael Winship

    We are a city of incongruities. So I guess I shouldn’t have thought it odd when, early Sunday evening, I ran into two London bobbies, in full dress uniform, walking up Manhattan’s Seventh Avenue, as if they were patrolling Piccadilly.

    They and 65 other British policemen were here to attend a ceremony at Battery Park City downtown, representing the 67 UK citizens killed on 9/11. Their presence has become one of our new annual traditions, like the enormous American flag that hangs overlooking Ground Zero every year, the Tribute in Light memorial that for one evening illuminates the night sky of lower Manhattan, the reading of the names of the dead.

    This year, I set out just minutes before the first moment of silence at 8:46 a.m., when American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north tower. For most, it was a regular workday — over at the 6th Precinct on West 10th Street, the service remembering the two neighborhood policemen who died on 9/11 seemed briefer than in the past. At the ceremony’s conclusion, after a minute of silence, a young policewoman piped up, “Well, back to business,” and the gathering quickly dispersed.

    Yet, everyone seemed quieter than usual as they walked to work or rode the buses and subways. Friends confirmed the feeling. And were more people wearing black, or was it just the usual, New York City fashion statement?

    All seemed normal at the Christopher Street PATH train station. Five years ago, with the destruction of the PATH station at the Trade Center, Christopher Street became the southernmost hub and commuters silently lined up around the block to get in, like Londoners during the Blitz.

    Traffic on the West Side Highway seemed normal, too. After 9/11, television microwave trucks had lined the road and for months, 24/7, an unending procession of trucks unloaded debris here onto barges docked along the Hudson. Now a man walked along carrying a painting of a blonde woman in a pink kimono holding a lily. A motley crew of eight or so gathered on a traffic island, veterans of “Point Thank You,” the meeting place for folks who used to cheer the fire trucks, police cars and ambulances as they sped up and down the highway.

    But as I got closer to Ground Zero, police had closed half the road and blocked off many of the streets leading into the site. I walked over to Church Street and worked my way through the crowds on the east side of the pit. There were fewer flowered wreaths and photos, but every year the scene seems to get a bit more zoo-like. A man dressed in a bird suit urged passersby to “Have a Kind Day.” A group of Buddhist monks in saffron chanted and beat drums, but above the din, I could start to hear the families reading the names of their loved ones.

    The inside perimeter of the site was lined with black tarps so those on the outside couldn’t peer in, but the voices rang out. By the time of the fourth moment of silence, marking the minute when the second tower fell, they barely had made it through the first half of the alphabet. “I hope the golf courses are great in heaven,” one family member signed off. “Baby, save a spot for me. I love you,” said another. One woman recited the lyrics of an old popular song: “How far would I travel to be where you are? How far is the journey from here to a star?”

    Across the street, four replicas of the Liberty Bell, trucked in from Wilmington, Delaware, tolled in succession, and scores of people, mostly young, clad in black tee shirts with the slogan “Investigate 9-11!” got in people’s faces like Scientologists. They thrust out pamphlets and DVD’s declaring the 9/11 Commission Report a fairy tale, the terrorist tragedy the work of a dark government conspiracy.

    On this day, it felt wrong, disrespectful. Besides, believing in such a conspiracy assumes a level of competence not evidenced by this government. Just ask the denizens of Baghdad or the bayou.

    It seemed as egregious as that ABC TV “Path to 9/11” movie this week, the one that posited a conspiracy of dunces, primarily in the Clinton White House, bobbling all attempts to get Osama before he got us. Not that dumb mistakes weren’t made during those years, but the screenplay was factually, intellectually and emotionally dishonest, distorting truth beyond the precipice of libel.

    Directed and written by men with strong, right-wing, evangelical ties, the film pilloried Clinton’s administration but barely managed to reference such things as the infamous August 6, 2001, intelligence brief warning President Bush, “Bin Ladin (sic) Determined to Strike in US.” (And, of course, made no mention of the president’s dismissive response — according to Ron Suskind’s book “The One Percent Doctrine” — “All right, you’ve covered your ass now.”)

    I’d rather remember the pies. You heard me. Pies. Apple pies.

    In the wake of the disaster, Pam Post, a woman in my upstate New York hometown, decided that what the search and rescue workers at Ground Zero needed was something as American as, well, apple pie. All the businesses, schools and churches joined the bakeoff. Volunteers chipped in with their time, ovens, ingredients and pie tins. Kids decorated the boxes and in the end, some 800 pies were loaded onto a truck and pointed toward Manhattan.

    I got a phone call asking for help. The Red Cross and Salvation Army had turned the pies down — charities were overwhelmed with contributions. I was useless, but eventually, the desserts made their way to the Episcopalian Church’s General Theological Seminary and other appropriate downtown destinations. They were, one worker declared, “The best pies ever.”

    A small gesture, perhaps, but those pies are representative of the spirit we’ve lost. In the face of adversity, instead of undaunted and defiant hope, sacrifice and FDR’s famous “warm courage of national unity,” we’re fed a recipe of recklessness, fear and hate that runs counter to the core values of our democracy. Is there an enemy out there? You bet. But many of our wounds are self-inflicted.

    copyright 2006 Messenger Post Newspapers


    All newspaper editors want to know what their readers like. If you would like to read this feature in your local newspaper, please do not hesitate to share your enthusiasm with your local newspaper editor.

  • kat

    I always believed that the conspiracists were a small handful of leftist lunatics. What shocks me is the number of lunatics that actually believe this stuff. And the fact that MSM is willing to give airtime and newspaper space to these moonbats is more reason that I do not trust MSM. I think they actually dig around in shitpiles to come up with these goofballs….leftists from the twilight zone.

  • Eileen

    “People in the Truth Movement are some of the most patriotic and passionate people who care about the future of our country. Dissent is patriotic!”


    You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in your own arse.

    You lefties need to learn a whole helluva lot more about our enemy!, which is: ISLAM. It is astounding how uneducated (that is TRULY an understatement) the left is, for all their purported ‘superiority’. I guess they don’t read, as they rely on their own MSM brethren/BULLSHIT for their ‘news’ and ‘world view’.

    Tell you what, you do that (i.e., learn) and THEN we’ll talk about truth and reality.

    [Jeff, back to “HTTP, Page cannot be found.”]

  • Eileen

    P.S., to Lefties,

    Would you like some cites to get you started in learning? Do you know how to Google?

    I’d be happy to help…

    Do you wonder why you hear about JIHAD occuring every day in too many countries to count? Do you wonder why “ISLAMIC, SO-CALLED EXTREMISTS” are killing people all over the globe every day? Do you think GWB is responsible for 1,400 years of JIHAD?

    Have you ever investigated ISLAM?

    Query: what is a moderate Muslim?

  • Jim Karna

    Eileen – maybe the lefties are too concerned about the 100 000 civilian deaths in Iraq since the invasion. The soaring cancer rates in southern Iraq (especially in children) caused by the US and UK using depleted uranium shells (despite them being classified as an illegal wmd by the UN). And maybe the lefties are too busy worrying about the contravention of the Geneva Convention at Guantanamo and Abu Graihb. Too concerned about the 246 Security Council Resolutions Israel has defied. Too busy wondering whether these things, maybe, just maybe, have fuelled the flames of Jihadism; idealising and politicising a youth that’s been given little future.

    Perhaps it should spend more time thinking about the enemy.

  • thedude

    The majority of people living in Manhatten believe the US Govenment was complicent on 911. No one can spot a lie better then a Newyorker. WHo the hell knows what truelly happen on 911, but the main stream conspiracy theory has never added up. Too much hard fought for info has opened up the door a bit into what happen that day and it aint pretty. All I’ll say is who benifited more from 911 then this administration?

  • kat

    The majority of Manhatten must be moonbats, then. These conspiracy theorists are nutcases. They need a padded room.

  • Angelos

    Yeah, kat, you can put them with the people who believe that Saddam and 9/11 were connected, that Saddam and Al Qaeda were connected, that invading sovereign nations without cause somehow will make us safer, that Bush and Giuliani actually did anything other than posture after 9/11.

    Throw in the batshit insane Christians who think they should be allowed to tell other people how to live because of the fairytales in a centuries-old book.

    Throw in anyone who believes the economy is in good shape.

    Oh, and of course, the people who are so stupidly gullible as to believe anything that comes out of the mouths of Bush/Cheney,Rummy/Condi. Talk about certifiable.

  • kat

    So, Angelos, you wear a tinfoil hat?? You hiding all those people on the planes in the twilight zone??

  • Angelos

    No, I was saying the conspiracy theorists are as nuts as Bush supporters…

    I’ll type slower next time.

  • kat

    Did you mean batshit insane muslims who want to tell the world how to live? I don’t see forced Christian conversions or fatwahs for apostasy in Christianity. I see it among your terrorist friends whose asses you slurp.

  • I was in NYT at the end of the day 9/11/06. I was staying at the New Yorker on 8th Ave. When I went out to dinner, there were about a dozen young people in black T-shirts. The front read “Investigate 911” (with the ones looking like the twin towers). The said something about finding out the truth.

    I passed them by thinking, “that, or they, can’t be for real … I don’t want to deal with this BS … ” and I walked on.

    Later, in the elevator ride back up, two of these kids were riding with me and three other people. They talked the entire way up about how New York sucked and they couldn’t wait to get back to Texas. And I thought, “You wouldn’t wear that shit in Texas, would you?” As they got off the elevator, one of them said to us, “Good night.” As I was standing right next to him, I instinctually grunted back, “Good night.” The other three people maintained stone silence. As he got out the door he looked back and us and said, “See people in New York are so friendly.” The four of us left on the elevator looked at each other in disbelief. And just as the doors closed, I said, “Well, if you wouldn’t put that conspiracy shit in our face … ” and another guy said, “Fuckers.”

  • Angelos

    That’s the extent of your rhetoric, isn’t it? Oh, well. Sweeping generalizations about brown people, and accusing anyone who disagrees of being a terrorist? Spoken like a true wingnut.

  • kat

    Angelos–you little leftist loon hypocrite..{Throw in the batshit insane Christians who think they should be allowed to tell other people how to live because of the fairytales in a centuries-old book.}Angelos

  • Angelos

    Still all you’ve got?

    You’ve learned from Rove well…

  • Wayne

    “9/11…I was angry at the wrong people, just as they are. We all need to be angry at the people who murdered our neighbors that day.”

    On March 15, 2002, The FORWARD published an article about 5 Israelies arrested on 9/11 after being seen CHEERING as the WTC was attacked! The FBI held them for 2 months in solitary confinement. WHY? What were the Isrealies celebrating, when the rest of us were shocked, scared and crying??

  • kat

    They should have arrested all the cheering muslims art Berkeley, Chicago, etc. etc. What were the muslimites celebrating, when the rest of us were shocked, scared and crying??

  • our enemy!, which is: ISLAM.

    How easily we forget that our society wouldn’t be advanced as it is today were it not for contributions from Muslim philosophy, architecture, science and medicine; by the way, it was the Muslims who rescued Aristotle’s works.

    I don’t see forced Christian conversions or fatwahs for apostasy in Christianity.

    Such short memories. As Juan Cole states in his blog: “Christianity itself has a long history of imposing coerced faith on people, including on pagans in the late Roman Empire, who were forcibly converted. And then there were the episodes of the Crusades.”

    No hay peor ciego que el que no quiera ver.

  • kat

    Dr, Matthews–read the real history of the Crusades–and if you are going to call yourself a doctor–know a thing or two. The Crusades were in response to the muslims trying to force islam on the world. If it weren’t for the Crusades I’d be wearing a bag on my head and a sack on my body.

  • syn

    Jeff, I’m sadden to see that quite a number of your readers have no idea the meaning of your 9/11 post.

    As you left the site that anniversary 9/11 day I will be leaving this site for the very same reasons you posted.

  • Well, Syn, that’s a bit reversed, isn’t it? Hang around, eh?

  • Kat,
    Go back to school.

  • LanceThruster

    Couldn’t disagree more Jeff. And the 9/11 Truth people have no corner on the crass commercialism market, Look at all the “patriotic” dreck hawked (the eagle with tear is a big seller). Can’t be sure what the truth that ties all the 9/11 facts and anomalies together, but I think it’s clear (your dismissals notwithstanding) that we’re being lied to about a whole mess of things. Arab extremism, though real, is the Emmanuel Goldstein of our times because our approach to combatting it is largely ineffective and for the most part benefits a select few (the fear merchants). Actually ask yourself who profits from perpetual war. It’s a great way to hold onto power. No chance of a little extra power corrupting anything, is there? I mean what’s not to trust about lying gasbags such as Sean Hannity? What’s good for Der Leader is good for America!

    In the time honored tradition of following the money, confirm for yourself that the Iraqi oil piplines are still not metered. $9b unaccounted for in cash funds used in the war (remember trucks filled with suitcases filled with cash?) as well as another huge chunk of Pentagon money that no one knows where it went ($74b?) and I would hazard a guess that someone connected (literally in the pipeline) is able to treat off the books oil flow like the mythological bottomless wallet.

    I’m more angry at the Halliburton war profiteers providing our troops fecal contaminated water than I am someone with a book, t-shirt or sticker announcing we are being lied to because…well….we ARE being lied to.

    I’ll believe the Arab/Muslim menace is real when the Bush twins enlist in the ultimate battle of the 21st century. Until then, it’s just more smoke and mirrors. My assessment of you, sad to say, is that you’re either a tool or uninformed. I could be wrong as well, but your flippant rejection is without merit.

  • kat

    Lance–if you want to see a tool–look in a mirror. You won’t see Jeff’s face.

  • Dissent with the President’s “strategy” is growing among his ranks:

    The problem is, almost everything that President Bush understands about his own war on terrorism is wrong. According to nearly a dozen former high-ranking officials who have been on the front lines of the administration’s counterterrorism effort, the president is not only fighting the wrong war — he is fighting it in a way that has actually made the threat worse. The war on terrorism, they say, has been mismanaged and misdirected almost from the start, in no small part because the president simply does not understand the nature of the enemy he is fighting.

    (I don’t think you can call these left wing people either).

  • kat

    You are right, the president thinks islam is a religion of peace. He misunderstands the real threat. He does not understand the magnitude of the menace–it is not a handful of muslims–it is millions. By continuing to chant this islam is peace thing–he helps the enemy. The president simply does not understand the nature of the enemy he is fighting.

  • That’s not what the article says. If you had read on:

    For President Bush, the way to stop terrorism is to wage a war. But isolated terrorists who conspire in the suburbs of London and coordinate their attacks on jihadist Web sites can’t be defeated by armies — they can only be stopped by a combination of patient, old-fashioned police work and good intelligence. Indeed, the success of the British police and Scotland Yard in halting the recent threat in London represents a textbook example of how terrorists can be thwarted.

    Kat’s views are fortunately in the minority (and losing supporters by the day)

  • kat

    The terrorists can only be stopped when the muslim community condemns them instead of martyrizing them. Only muslims can stop this rot among them. They need to condemn their terrorists as loudly as they condemn the Pope.

  • kat

    {Every single 9/11 hijacker was Arab and a Muslim. The apologists (including President Bush) tried to reassure us that 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam, but was a twisting of a great and noble religion. With all due respect, read the Koran, Mr. President. There’s enough there for someone of extreme tendencies to find their way to a global jihad.}

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  • Christians practiced their own bloody brand of “jihad” on an entire hemisphere.

  • TruthSeeker

    Kat said… {Every single 9/11 hijacker was Arab and a Muslim. The apologists (including President Bush) tried to reassure us that 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam, but was a twisting of a great and noble religion. With all due respect, read the Koran, Mr. President. There’s enough there for someone of extreme tendencies to find their way to a global jihad.}

    Maybe you didn’t see these articles Kat…

    Hijack ‘suspects’ alive and well

    More info on each of the ‘hijackers’:

    250+ 9/11 ‘Smoking Guns’ : Found in the Mainstream Media

  • greg0658

    I’m disheartened tonight with Congress at the State of Union. The assembly seems to be united in the consensus that the day went down as described in the 9/11 Commission Report.

    I believe the hanging chad election, looming Wall Street investigations, oil dependance, and shallow religious upbringing were the reasons folks went along with this facade.

    For me WTC Building 7 collapse was the straw.

    I suppose it’s for the tempoary good that conditions don’t entirely disintegrate. I do believe the true criminals will not be so bold in the future.

    And I apologize for the Camp, I’m a midwest member of … the ground of transference should not be desecrated with disprutive speech.

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