Pardon a momentary personal rant. I just came into my office and someone had installed one of those damned keyboard trays, which is even more irritating that the 87 buttons I have to push on my chair just to sit down (it’s easier to drive a car), and just as painful to work around as those damned newfangled keyboards that make you hold your elbows out as if you’re preparing to fly, not type. I can’t stand ergonomic stuff. It’s not ergonomic for me. I’m 6’4″ and klutzy and so the keyboard tray kneecaps me. The chair is telling me how to sit when I should be telling it to just sit there. They keyboard makes me want to stick out my tongue while typing and bite it off. At an earlier job, we had ergocops making regular visits to all the offices to ask the staff how they felt. I’m sure it was for legal reasons — hey, you can’t sue us for your carpal tunnel syndrome cuz we gave you that schizo keyboard the ergocops prescribed — but I always thought it was a scam to sell consulting and really expensive keyboard trays only little people can use.