Mile-high city

Pew just put up a handy page compiling charts and spreadsheets with their latest data on internet usage. See the chart below on overall internet usage. Sure looks like a plateau to me. So business plans counting on continued volcanic growth are, perhaps, full of hot air.

  • Andrew

    Hmmm, looks like there was a “plateau” between Jan 02 and March/May 03 but we’ve still risen around 11-15% from then?

    Computers are continuing to get cheaper as well as the internet, I think we still have more to come.

  • Carol Herman

    Garbage in. Garbage out. To you this is a “plateau.” To me it is faulty data.

    First off, in today’s world the youngest kids (from educated families; who have the Net access) are early learners.

    I remember James Lileks marveling at how his daughter, Gnat, could, by the time she was 9 months old, control electronics. (So, I’ll judge that the usual skills, where we wait till kids are kindergarten age, has kids today, well versed, far beyond what the school books teach.) Maybe, in the end, schools are for socialization? And, peer groups?

    But ahead there will be a bigger burst. If this wasn’t true there wouldn’t be so much effort, now by McCain/Feingold, here. And, China, over there; trying to figure out how the old fashioned censorship can be applied to this new-new thing. Where the growth happens when young kids are given these devices.)

    Heck, even the cell phone grew in what it could do when KIDS began using the cell phones to “text each other.” Who knew?

    But guessing the winners from the losers? Not easy. Never was. And, given how some unethical people can tout crap like ENRON. (Where I saw people buying this crap. And, ya know what? I use Schwab specifically because I WANT NO BROKER PHONE CALLS!)

    But People did. They looked at only one number. ENRON, on paper, was making them richer. And, the stuff that would have been better to buy, they overlooked. TYPICAL.

    By the way, that’s why you want GENERALS, and BOSSES, who are critical thinkers; and who sound different when you hear them talk. Or go back, and read what they wrote. They don’t accept stuff that passes for everyday currency.

    Of course, a technological glitch; like “electronic bursts” that send the electronic web into chaos; will work havoc. But for how long? And, then what happens when the creative market place takes over?

    I’m not a big fan of Google. But Google has a “SPINE” in place, should the king-of-the-networking system, controlled by our FEDS, go out of commission. This is not a small deterence to those who think they can knock out “all the people on this earth.” Or something close to it.

    Ditto, for the threats from Islam. Instead of thinking we need to send the Enola Gay out for another engagement; where the Muzzies lose is in how easy they are to recognize. (Easier still among themselves? Sure. In Lebanon there are factions that most people wouldn’t see. But sometimes, the differences are PHONIC. With reported stories about how one group kills the other; when they ask them to pronounce a word. While we keep singing “I say potato. And, you say PoTAHto.

    There is a funny story, where Rodgers and Hammerstein had a singer who wanted to audition. And, she went up choosing this very song. Which she sang: (I kid you not) “You say potato, I say potato. You say tomayto, I say tomayto.” No. She wasn’t hired. But the story had legs all the same.

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  • When you read the Pew reports you will understand that there is a segment of the population who is not, never has, and doesn’t want to be connected with the Internet. Call them laggards, an older demographic or what have you, but the diffsuion curve works again. There will never be 100% for another generation or so (until everyone has grown up with it).

  • Calvinist

    A plateau? Maybe, but a plateau at 70% penetration. Not too far under cable TV.

    And of course the next generation will be all kinds of non-computer devices (cell phones etc.) connected to the net.

  • bgates

    I thought you of all people would know it’s the WORLD Wide Web, not just America, Online.