Blogging in the bloodstream

We’ve been moving furniture all day, from my son’s old room to my old office (I’m lucky enough to have a new one at home). My wife got these nonstick furniture sliders (kind of like these) that she insisted — “I saw it on TV” — would make it a breeze to slide heavy dressers down the hall. I was dubious. I often am. But damned they didn’t work, beautifully. Like skating on ice. I confessed my mistake to my wife; I was amazed. And we thought the same thing at the same time. “You going to blog this?” she asked. Of course.

  • Mark

    I was dubious about them too. I crafted together a few different tools to make up a “lever assembly” to lift the legs of very heavy desk and credenza so I could slip them under.

    Darn if they don’t slide with ease and no scratch marks at all.

  • She always knows what’s best. That is, the universal she.

  • randall weston

    what is the brand name of these critters? where can one buy them?

  • Bruce D

    Hi fellas,

    In Australia I picked up some similar ones from a national hardware store – Bunnings. While they work well, you have to match the size correctly with the furniture leg and they are damn expensive for very simple materials. I have found that that the white plastic base one work best while the cloth based ones wear a lot faster. The real shame is that I havent found any that attach to the legs rather than just have the legs rest on them. The concern for this is that if you give your couch a big shove and the legs escape from the sliders they make a very hefty divet in your wooden floorboards.