Blogging for sex

Conde Nast and CondeNet have finally gone blog. I didn’t get very far in that crusade when I was there. Maybe it was me. But now, clearly, if Conde’s doing it, that means you’re nobody if you’re not blogging. Can Graydon be far behind? Anna?

BloggersBlog features a Glamour dating blog, See Alyssa Date, in which she promises to tell us the intimate details of her nights out with her guys and then follow the advice of readers in polls (should she “jump” him?). That sounds tantalizing, perhaps, until you watch her video. That voice. Anyway, imagine the guys waking up to read a review of their performance and a poll about them.

But meanwhile, over at Jane, we have the saga of Sarah on her “quest to lose her virginity before her 30th birthday.” And there, the men send in their reviews of her.

Well, if blogging turns out to be a way to get laid, everybody will be doing it.