Getting over oil

Australia’s prime minister is proposing giving car owners up to $2,000 each to get them to convert from gas to LP. And what are we doing to get off gas?

  • While alternative fuel choices can only be better for all of us in the long run, LP is hardly the savior I’d bet the farm on, especially when the largest natural gas reserves are in the hands of a Russian government monopoly that was more than willing to let people in Ukraine freeze to death last winter over petty politics.

    Oh, and the number two global natural gas player? Iran.

  • James

    Australia has at least 50 years of natural gas reserves, so this does make sense for us. A different solution might be better for the US.

  • Aghast

    Forget about the geopolitics…this is dumb for so many more reaons.

    switching from one carbon-emitting non-renewable resource to another carbon-emitting non-renewable resource solves nothing about the major problem with gasoline: it emits carbon and is non-renewable. I mean, WTF? I suppose this is just a very shortsighted realization that natural gas is cheaper…but for how long?

  • They’re just doing this because LP will make the cars explode much more excitingly in the Mad Max movies.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    I converted my old V8 Bronco to run on LPG (propane). Flip a switch, you’re burning plain old petrol…flip another switch and you’re on propane.

    Ideally, I’d like to buy an old 1980’s vintage diesel Mercedes and run it on old french fry grease. They are especially well suited to run Used Vegetable Oil. A lot of people out here had the same idea. The prices for those old Mercedes jumped overnight.

  • While it’s a step in the right direction, and certainly a much larger step than our country has taken, it is not nearly as promising to alleviate world demands for oil as plug-in hybrids or hydrogen powered cars (if they could knock the price down).

  • We should applaud any effort to get the world off oil & hydrocarbons. Telecommuting. Solar Energy. Handgliding across the oceans(?). Windmill farms. Bicycling!

    Think of all the benefits! Less pollution. Bicycling would reduce obesity, making us live longer! No human induced global warming. No Oil Wars!!

    Its a no-brainer!

  • penny

    In the 1970’s when we had the oil embargo and prices went threw the roof Toyota came into the US with smaller cars and we bought them in droves. The same forces at at play now. Supply and demand in an unfettered free market will eventually reduce the price of oil. When prices go up there is eventually demand destruction and conservation.

    We are competing with China and India for a commodity that may or may not have peaked in supply. Ironically, our conservation means more supply to them. So, the global conservation of carbon fuels isn’t going to happen.

    We need to get more of our power grids on nuclear power. It’s a disgrace that this at a standstill while the rest of the world builds more nuclear plants. Ethanol is a joke, wasting the same or more energy to grow and process it. It’s a nice subsidy to Iowa corn farmers.

  • We don’t need to stop using gasoline – no matter how many docile fools repeat that mantra.

  • Here is an item that (together with the upcoming hurricanes) ought to make oil prices edge a bit higher:

    Mexico’s court-ordered recount of 9.07 percent of the ballots cast in the July 2 presidential election concluded on Sunday.

    The Supreme Electoral Tribunal has not yet released the results of the recount, but initial reports suggest that a full recount will be merited.

    As the country waits for the final tally, impatience and frustrations among PRD candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s supporters have resulted in a sudden escalation of violence in Mexico City. The police have responded with a heavy hand

    Happy motoring!