What isn’t anti-Semitism

This is frightening: A new CNN poll asked Americans, “Based on what you have read or heard about the actor Mel Gibson, do you think he is or is not anti-Semitic — that is, prejudiced against Jewish people?” Twenty-four percent were unsure, which is amazing in and of itself. Twenty-three percent said he is anti-Semitic. And 52 percent said he is not anti-Semitic.

Well, what the hell does it take to be anti-Semitic? An SS uniform? Good God, I’d say Gibson’s behavior fairly defines anti-Semitism.

So maybe Bill Maher is right:

As I watch so much of the world ask Israel for restraint in a way no other country would (Can you imagine what Bush would do if a terrorist organization took over Canada and was lobbing missiles into Montana, Maine and Illinois?) – and, by the way, does anyone ever ask Hezbollah for restraint. you know, like, please stop firing your rockets aimed PURPOSEFULLY at civilians? – it strikes me that the world IS Mel Gibson. Most of the time, the anti-semitism is under control, but that demon lives inside and when the moon is full, or there’s been enough alcohol consumed, or Israel is forced to kill people in its own defense, then it comes out.