The NORAD tapes

Vanity Fair has a heckuva story, listening to the complete NORAD tapes from 9/11 and — in a nice web move — interspersing links to let you listen online.

  • Esteban

    So much for those who think Jarvis has consigned traditional journalism to the (pick a figure of speech).

  • Wow. I clicked over to VF just expecting to glance at it and now it is 45 minutes later. Absolutely riveting and a great use of writing and audio to convey the total chaos and urgency of that day at NORAD.

  • J

    I’m not clear on the “discrepancies” in the military account; if the Langley fighters were launched to protect DC, not intercept AA77, and an hour later UA93 was determined to be headed for DC, then the fighters were indeed launched to protect DC from UA 93. The fact that they didn’t know about UA93 at the time doesn’t make that statement false or misleading in any way. Is there more to this, or is this guy desperately looking for some way to claim a cover up of some sort? Why are “journalists” so desperate to throw that charge at people?

  • chico haas

    Thanks for link. Inspiring to hear the moments of grace under pressure.

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  • Gina

    Why did Vanity Fair take off the NORAD TAPES. I CAN NOT REACH THEM FROM YOUR WEB SITE. Please help me find these transcripts, I have been looking and looking, I am most interested in the plane that hit the Pentagon. Thank you,,,,

  • Carol Lynn

    I also have been trying to get the Tapes on my computer, but am not able too. Any ideas of how I can get them.