How the hell do you spell sinergee?

From Ad Age tomorrow:

Memo from Sports Illustrated to America Online: We don’t need you anyway.

After being rebuffed by its Time Warner sibling AOL on a proposal last year to build a major sports portal together, Sports Illustrated is nailing down a deal to expand its relationship with Yahoo, presenting a planned “My SI” desktop application to agencies and striving internally to improve its online video.

Time Warner is the most dysfunctional of families.

  • adslfan

    SI should just deal with ESPN.

  • rick gregory

    “How the hell do you spell sinergee?”

    Not, aparently, A-O-L…

    Man, you’d think some senior management at T-W would have shot this one… then again…

  • Mumblix Grumph

    R O L A I D S

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