Ollie, Ollie, Ollie

How’s this for a lead that makes you want to keep reading:

Oliver Stone, that symbol of everything about Hollywood that conservatives love to hate, is getting help in marketing his newest movie from an unlikely ally: the publicity firm that helped devise the Swift boat campaign attacking John Kerry’s Vietnam record in the 2004 presidential race.

Reporter David Halbfinger goes on to list blurb a who’s who from the far religious right. I can’t wait to see the ads: “A MASTERPIECE!….. GO SEE THIS FILM! – Brent Bozell.”

And Halbfinger gets Stone to shrug off the Swift Boat connection.

Mr. Stone, for his part, has insisted in the past that the film is “not a political movie,” while acknowledging in a recent interview that this “mantra” had been handed to him by his employers. . . .

Mr. Stone said that he condemned the “Swift-boating” of Mr. Kerry, but cautioned that he himself had “hired publicists in the past that had skeletons in their closet.” He added: “It’s not a holier-than-thou street here. It’s an impure market.”

There’s your excuse to any association with bad guys in the future: It’s an impure market. Yes, humanity is.

I will see Stone’s movie, though I’m dreading it more and more with every commercial I see, for I know that he will exploit every emotion. Halbfinger’s story is the best preview of that.

  • Sr. don Stone will be sure to have a happy ending appropriate for the audience, I trust. Will Walt Garrison be making his comeback?

  • adslfan

    why watch a movie you don’t want to see ? does stone have a special xray device and makes really old cranky people go see movies. i guess he does.
    line up now outside the movie theatre before all the old cranky guys come.

  • I understand that four different 9/11 charities will receive 10% of the opening weekend box office.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    I wonder how Stone will show all the Jews staying home that day.

    You DO know that no Jews died in the Towers, right?

    It’s TRUE! I heard the Poet Laureate of New Jersey say so. Would the holder of such an exalted title lie?

    Oh, and you also know that the planes were actually flown by remote control and at least one of the planes landed in Ohio and the Pentagon was blown up with a missile.

    It’s TRUE! I saw a video on the internets about it.

    I’m sure Stone will make all this clear as crystal in the movie.

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