Radio silence

Probably quiet today because I hurt my right arm and can’t type. Multitudes rejoice.

LATER: Cancel the flowers. Thanks for the nice words but this is no big deal. I’m just a klutz and a wuss.

Somehow, I got a rotator cuff problem. That’s pretty funny (well, for you but not for me until the drugs kick in) because that is an injury for jocks and real men. The most strenuous thing I do is blog about Dell. So now I’ll take steroids — there goes that Tour de France entry — and walk around with a sling. I think I’ll make up a reason. “Well, at least it was a birdie.” Or: “One homerun too many, I suppose.” Or: “I really should take a break from the hockey in the summer, don’t you think?”

What’s even wussier is that I got all clammy mangling my posture for the x-rays. I’ve never passed out but I was looking fairly ghostly, apparently, for the doctor ordered me to lie down and he held my feet up in the air to get blood flowing back to my oxygen-starved, chickenshit brain as he explained rotator cuffs. He decided I wasn’t manly enough to take the shot to the shoulder. So I got pills.

He asked what I did for a living. I said I’m to be a journalism professor. He said he thought I was an academic. Read: bookworm wuss.

Don’t worry, you won’t get a blow-by-blow of this the way you have with my heart follies. But just because it hurts to type….